The Ugly Truth Project

This is a very simple project, with a very complicated goal.

In today's world, it has become all but impossible for people to actually think for themselves. From the moment our eyes fly open after too little sleep we have people telling us what to do, and how to think, what we should believe in. We have people telling us what food we should buy, what beverages we should drink, where we should go on vacation, what car to drive, the list is never-ending. Most of us never even realize that our brains are under constant assault throughout our day, we simply go through the motions of completing our daily grind with no thought to all of the voices in our music, books, articles or news reports that incessantly fill our eyes and ears with selectively edited content. Content that is designed to influence our behavior and shape the way we see the world around us, how we believe.

I am not talking about subliminal messages hidden within patterns of music, images or dialogue even though this tactic has (and is being) used by the media. They were caught doing it and they are still doing it today. No, these messages I speak of are right out in the open. They are everywhere we look, in every thing we listen to. It has not been a sudden push, it has been a creep, a slow relentless grinding away of our ability  to use critical thinking and common sense that spans decades and has evolved to be as efficient as possible with the technology of the day. Much of that ability was lost with the introduction of smart phones and social media. I mean all things considered we actually do very little thinking about a whole host of issues that we deal with every day of our lives. If we want to know something what do we do? We pull out the smart phone and hit Google, ask our question and usually click on the first answer we see. We don't question it (even though Google has been caught red handed manipulating search results), we simply accept what we are told and move on with our day. The answer we recieved from Google becomes the truth to us whether it actually IS the truth or not. We do not even check do we, be honest?


And Social Media. We create our tribes on social media, tribes made up of people who believe the same as we do, right or wrong is irrelevant to these tribes because the whole point is to create groupthink, a collective. It is the whole phenomena where groups of people determine "we believe it so it must be true". The problem is though, believing something to be true, is not what makes it true. Evidence and corroboration are what makes something true so unsurprisingly evidence and corroboration of the facts are exactly what people caught up in group think avoid like the plague. Cognitive dissonance drives them to try and rationalize these contradictions to their own beliefs so that everything is back in balance. The main problem for these people is that there is no way to rationalize it AND maintain their belief system due to their belief system being wrong to begin with. So the only option that will maintain their belief system and their personal harmony, is to avoid ever having to hear the contradictions in the first place. We see this daily with the efforts to suppress free speech in America and around the world. They do not like having their belief system challenged so they label anything they disagree with as hate speech and try to get it banned some way or another so that they don't have to hear or see it. They shout over people who try to give them a different perspective or try to remove them from the area so they do not have to listen to them. The number one indicator of someone being caught up in group think is this ever escalating attempt to silence people who have another opinion or point of view. It is also a form of fascism. They do not want to hear it and it is not because it is hate speech, or bigoted, sexist, etc.. It is because they do not want to have their delusions shattered. In it's simplest terms, their level of narcissism prevents them from even considering that they may be wrong about what they think they know, what they believe to be true. They absolutely WILL NOT accept any amount of evidence, no amount of facts will sway them, no amount of common sense will ever penetrate their absolute conviction that THEY and those who agree with them are right, it simply will not happen. Those people are not this projects target audience. I am not in the habit of wasting my time with people who refuse to listen.

Now don't get me wrong here, this applies to people not only across the political spectrum, but the human spectrum as well. Anyone, and I do mean anyone, can get caught up in group think or misled by master manipulators calling themselves politicians. The level of brainwashing depends primarily on how far towards extremism the person in question has gone. The further to the extreme left or right that people go, the less they think in a rational, logical manner. Extremists do not as a rule think things through much farther than what is needed to obey what they are told to do. They are manipulated through emotional outrage that is kept at a fever pitch by corrupt media throwing gasoline on every little flame they see and blowing it up into a crisis. The mob, and that is what they are, simply moves en mass to wherever they are told to go and start raising hell. They may not even know why but they go because everyone else is going. We know that this is true for many, many of these people that make up the mob hiding behind the first amendment right to free speech because a great many of them have no clue what they are protesting. No clue whatsoever. There is video after video after video of people going out into these mobs of "protestors" asking them why they are out there protesting. They can not tell them why they are there because they simply do not know. They are there just to be a part of something and the lure of anonimity can cause these people to shrug off their inhabitions devolving into their base nature which can lead to behavior that these people would normally not be involved with. Many find themselves arrested and facing jail time, fines, and possibly a life long criminal record for a moment of stupidity that never would have happened if they themselves had not chosen to get involved with the mob. But they need not fear because the mob is right there telling them who they can blame (instead of themselves) for the "injustice" of being held accountable for their actions. That person gets drawn further into the hive until they become just another drone working for no other purpose than the perpetuation of and expansion of the collective hive itself. As we hear all of the time from the collective of communist countries. 

Nothing comes before the party, the communist party being the collective of course. Anything and anyone is expendable if it serves the goals of the party. Human life is a commodity to be used a s a bargaining chip to gain or maintain power, nothing more.


Many of these young people are lured in with romantic ideas of revolution, trapped by the actions they commit, and convinced that the collective is their only hope for protection and vindication of those actions because hey, the ends justify the means, and the mob's motto is "by any means necessary". As long as ones actions serve the advancement of the collective anything is acceptable behavior and anyone outside of the collective who says differently is evil.


Hook... line... and sinker. 


In my own work I have found that (especially on social media) many of those hailing from the right are just as closed minded and groupthink orientated as those hailing from the left. The only real difference is in their methodology and goals but many of those methods are just as destructive and dangerous as those being used by the left. It is my opinion though based on what I have found in my own observations, the violence, destruction, and hatred being blamed on the right is alnost excluseivly coming from the left. There is a quote attributed to Karl Marx that sums this tavtic up perfectly. "Accuse the other peson of what you are guilty as you are doing it to create confusion." 


It is working. 


Personally, I have no use for extremists no matter what side they hail from. All they do is create problems other people have to solve and pay the consequences for while the extremists simply move on to the task of creating the next problem on their list.


I am and always have been a Centrist even though with the lefts massive shift to just about as far into leftist extremism one can get has all but eliminated the middle. This was not an accident either, eliminating the middle eliminates the problem solvers. The Marxists do not want problems solved, they want society overwhelmed with problems that never get solved because conflict is their bread and butter for controlling and manipulating the mob. Conflict is the foundation of Marxism which is what we are truly dealing with from the left. We are no longer Republicans v Democrats, we are free people resisting the oppressive yolk of Communism, but I will explain more on that line in my podcasts.


My mission, our mission once the project gains more team members is to use the power of communication to make people stop, take a minute, and actually think about things instead of simply reacting to the strings being pulled by those misleading them. I want to help people cut those strings so that they can start (or return to) thinking for themselves using common sense and logical thinking rather than simply obeying those who are manipulating them. I can't do this for them, no one can except the person themselves and that requires one to be self accountable and responsible for their own thoughts, words and actions. That is going to be a major roadblock for a lot of people because of what I said earlier about cognitive dissonence. Don't worry, I will be expanding on all of these things as I go though my podcast, this is just an introduction that is turning out to be a little longer than I had planned.


Basically I see a major flaw in the way people are trying to get those misled by Marxism to see the truth. We spend far too much time arguing our points and trying to change peoples minds by doing so. This again goes back to the cognitive dissonence because people will by nature resist admitting that they are wrong, especially admitting that they are wrong to another person who they disagree with. They see it as somehow losing when in fact they are winning by learning the truth and no longer believing in a lie. They just can not see that because of the inherent narcissism that comes with being in a collective. You have no identity in the collective except what identity you hold of yourself. This results in people being incredibly self centered and selfish because that is how everyone else is in the collective. I know it sounds kind of like a contradiction to have a self identity within a collective but it is what I consider a defense mechanism that is used by the manipulators to control the members of the collective. They become convinced that they are individuals when the exact oposite is true. Everything with Marxism is designed to mislead and manipulate people because the ideology is flawed at it's core. Marx based his ideology on what he considered a natural conflict between certain groups of people, it is his conflict theory that the entirity of Marxism is based off of. The problem is that this conflict does not actually exist in society to the level Marx believed it did, so it must be created by the Marxists themselves as we are seeing today on a global scale.


That is what I think is a great thing about this project, we have anonimity as well. No one has to know that anyone is listening unless that person exposes themselves. We are not trying to change anyones mind about anything, we simply do not have the power to do that, only the person themselves can change their own mind. Our mission is to change the way people think. If we can help them do that, their minds will change on their own because they will begin to see the truth for themselves. I have found in my time stomping around on this rock that the best way to get people to listen, the best way to get people to understand something, is to point them in the right direction and let them figure it out on their own.


This used to be how we taught young people in our schools here in America at least. We taught them HOW to think by giving them questions or problems and letting them figure out the answers through critical thinking and a little guidence. Now, we do not teach kids HOW to think, we teach them WHAT to think and that is not education, it is indoctrination. Young people end up very ignorant to the history that they are meant to learn from so they do not make the same mistakes as those in the past made, which is all a part of the plan. Ignorance is the tool of tyrants and controlling what people know is a tactic used by every tyrant in history as is destroying and re-writing history like the Marxists are doing today. We need to get people to see things for what they really are by first getting them to stop getting angry at the people pointing out the lies they are being told and start getting mad at the people who are doing the lying.


The best way I have found to do that is to just talk. People are highly receptive to messages that they really do not have to think about. It is the same method being used by the Marxists through the before mentioned brainwashing through the media. We hear, but how much do we conciously listen to? Not much really, it basically goes in one ear and out the other as far as concious thought goes. But our subconscience misses nothing and at somepoint we will experience that moment when our little voice says "wait a minute, that doesn't add up" or "that just doesn't make sense" or something similar. That is our subconscience trying to tell us that we need to stop and think about this a little more because something is not right. We all have those moments, the only thing that differs is whether we listen or ignore it. That is a choice and we ourselves are the only ones to blame for where that choice leads us.


Those who listen to that little voice and take a deeper look at things are in general the group of people known in political terms as Centrists, in life terms we are generally known as realists. We see the world as it is, not how we think it should be, or how we want it to be and we act accordingly with those actions being based on facts and logical thinking. The goal of people like me is to find solutions to problems, not to create problems like our counterparts who seek only to cause conflict and hatred through extremism.


We need to bring more people away from the far left or right extremism back to the center, we need to have a middle ground where compromise and mutual agreement on what is best for ALL decide the path that our society will follow in the future. Not what is best for a select group or groups of people at the expense of other peoples lives, liberty and happiness. 


This is the goal, to return people to the center and away from the extremism, we need unity again, cooperation and level headied people driving the course of this great nation again instead of corrupt activists/extremists perverting our constitution to meet their own agenda.


WE THE PEOPLE need to take our country back or we WILL lose it condemning our descendents to a life of slavery and misery. I sure would not want that on MY conscience.


( DRAFT- still needs some revisions and proof reading)





















Charles Coutts

Writer, Podcaster, Project leader




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