April 18, 2020


I see a sly genius behind POTUS giving the go ahead to open the economy back up but leaving the decision in the hands of the Governors.

I mean think about it.

He has essentially put every Governor in the country under the spotlight, and it is we the people who h...

April 5, 2020


According to data from the Chinese government as reviewed by the South China Morning Post, the first case of what we now call the Covid 19 virus was recorded November 17, 2019. At the time of course records indicate that the Chinese scientists were unaware of...

March 8, 2020


I just saw on the news that the cases of covid-19 in the U.S. stand at nearly 400 people. I decided to look at some numbers and do some comparisons.

400 people out of 327,000,000 are 0.0001223242% of the total population. Deaths stand at 19 the last I heard or...

February 10, 2020


So let's get right to it. In this part of my blog series "Fact Checkers" we look at a "fact check" written by POLITIFACT "fact checker" Jon Greenberg.

What is he "fact checking" or not "fact checking" in this case? It is a video from an MSNBC segment of Hardbal...

February 3, 2020


So I posted an image on Facebook, I think it was yesterday and today Facebook notified me that the image violates its community standards. I hit the button for a Review and it said that it was going to be reviewed. When I went back to look again all notificati...

January 30, 2020


I am just going to get down to making my point here. It is my opinion that Facebooks "fact checkers" can be far more deceptive and misleading than the posts they claim as "false information".

The Judicial Watch article itself is from November 19, 2019 so since...