July 12, 2018

I need to use video and text so Its much easier if I put this in my blog. It also makes it public though so I hope you don't mind. Maybe some one else will get something out of it.

So, as I said before the information you gave me in reference to the electoral college is...

July 3, 2018


Imagine with me if you will ,that a video was mainlined into social media that showed President Trump declaring war on North Korea. The MSM picks the video up and runs with it spreading it like a wild fire. The results are immediate and horrific as NK launches...

June 26, 2018

The massively uninformed who occupy the majority population of the left are once again insisting that Emma Lazarus's 1883 poem "The New Colossus" which occupies a spot inside the statues base, is meant to represent America as supposedly having open borders. And from th...

May 24, 2018

My daughter brought something to my attention today, kind of in passing but It really did get me to thinking about it.

She is 15 and into this K-POP music or Korean Pop music, a musical genre consisting of electronic, hip hop, pop, rock, and R&B music originating in Sou...

February 24, 2018


The 20th and 21rst century 1901-present day ( The United States)

In parts 1 and 2 of this piece we trimmed the fat so to speak by correcting some misconceptions about who, what, where, and when concerning both capitalism and socialism. We also clarified the def...

December 18, 2017

If you would like some insight into myself and my writing, please begin by clicking here

The Industrial Revolution- (18th and 19th century Europe, and the United States.) 

There are several versions of how the industrial revolution actually began, but for the sake of arg...

December 18, 2017

Hello everyone.

I am going to dive right in here and not take up too much of your time. I hope by reading this some may gain a clearer understanding of me, my writing, and its purpose. I am not a mean person, I simply live in a world of cold hard facts, and that can mak...

November 17, 2017

I know that I only caught a snippet of a conversation in passing, but what I heard really caught my attention.

The comment was this.

"...the biggest reason capitalism is a (bleeped) up economic system, is because all that it does is create a nation of selfish people...


November 6, 2017


Throughout our human history we have been through many forms of government, and have utilized many different social structures as we evolved as a species.

In our early beginnings, pre history, a communal or communist life style was not really a choice. It was...

October 3, 2017



I was going to leave this subject alone. Primarily because I like to remain objective with what I write, stick to the facts. So, I will just have to make sure I put some facts in here, problem solved.

I am also coming at this issue from...

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The Left Blames Trump For A 16 Year Old Policy Passed By Democrats.

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