April 28, 2019


So it seems to me that the Dems and media are laser focused on impeachment now because they just need to give Trump's presidency that scarlet letter.

They are obsessed with punishing this man for exposing their lies and corruption while at the same time dismant...

April 27, 2019


Millennials, and Gen Z:

For a very large chunk of human history those in power have used the climate and weather to scare the masses and control them.

From the early humans who saw natural events as signs from their gods whose leaders used religious awe to contr...

April 10, 2019


March 2019

103,492 people were apprehended trying to enter our country illegally. An increase of 26,000 people from the previous month. 26,000 people would be considered a small city. I would call that more than a little alarming, I would call that a crisis.


In America if you say abortion Planned Parenthood will be the name that comes to mind. So we will primarily look at them. They claim to do all manner of women's health services but visit their website and the very first thing on the list is abortion and they tell you e...

March 27, 2019


Rockland county New York has taken an unprecedented step amidst a measles outbreak by declaring a state of emergency that includes an unprecedented provision.

Unvaccinated children (under the age of 18) have been barred from public places as defined as, any pla...

March 27, 2019


Well this should be interesting.

POTUS is saying he is going to make the GOP the party of Healthcare.

I think the Dems are about to paint themselves into another corner on this one since, well, they claim that title already.

McConnell just forced them to go on th...

Representative Ocasio-Cortez has had a rough week with complaints of ethics violations piling up at her dancing feet. One has to wonder if this woman is simply this ignorant of how our government works, or is she simply falling in line with the rest of the swamp rats t...

Now I want everyone to picture in their minds the outrage and screeching voices spitting venom through gnashing teeth, if this little tid bit was discovered in the past of a conservative presidential candidate.

It would be epic!

This little pearl of wisdom comes from a 1...

February 23, 2019

"The more depravity that a society allows its members to indulge in, the more sinister will be the depravity its members seek out."

                                                                                 ~ The Ugly Truth Project...

February 15, 2019


Disgraced former FBI Acting Director Andrew McCabe, has made a stunning admission during an interview on CBS's 60 minutes with Scott Pelley.

To be aired this Sunday, Feb, 17.

In his first interview since being fired McCabe admits that it was he who started the in...

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The Left Blames Trump For A 16 Year Old Policy Passed By Democrats.

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