August 7, 2018


So The New York times has hired themselves a new member of their editorial staff.

Her name is Sarah Jeong, a writer whos focus is in technology, and she has to say the least set social media ablaze with angry voices condemning her for old tweets that have been m...

Came across this post by TruthHurts‏ @tru768 and you know how much I enjoy burning CNN down with their unethical journalism. Busted them red handed no doubt.

You can view the CNN article from above clearly stating that this photo was along an estuary in Kentucky, USA.


PUBLIC LAW 107–296—NOV. 25, 2002 116 STAT. 2135

6 USC 101 note. 

[H.R. 5005] Homeland Security Act of 2002. (PDF)

First off lets make something absolutely clear. The left calling this law a Trump policy is an outright lie that needs to be exposed. This was a Bush 43 polic...

One of the primary goals of The Ugly Truth Project is to identify and expose those who are using social media to create and/or spread fake news, disinformation, or flat out lies. This will be the first stage of the project to be implemented because it is relatively eas...

Good morning everyone!

Unfortunately I have still not been able to set up for video yet but Y'all have probably noticed a few of these (memes?) I am not sure what they would be called but they are an example of what any one of us can do to help stop the spread of lies a...

I have been seeing more and more of this name popping up lately as a source in posts all around Facebook and elsewhere.  

I have my own opinion of Snopes as does most every one else I talk to. I have seen things that are dead on, and some things that made me raise an ey...

“If you wish the sympathy of the broad masses, you must tell them the crudest and most stupid things.” ~Adolf Hitler

Earlier this week the mainstream media really slipped its propaganda hat on and ran with it. I mean, these people really are not even trying to hide it a...

April 25, 2018


In the summer of 2017 in Britain, Connie Yates and Chris Gard where given the devastating news that their infant son Charlie was terminally ill. The Great Ormond Street Hospital, determined that their sons life was no longer of value. A harsh way to put it bu...

It is the most simple thing in the world, yet in todays world it seems almost an impossibility. 

Click the button to see this ancient secret that has existed for over 200,000 years of human existence. Its only been over the last ten, that we have forgotten this profound...

I had to put this on my blog because it is a four part video series and I want all of them on the same page. If you have not seen this series prepare yourselves, and if you have a teen age daughter, think about this being her. Shut up in a room with an authority figure...

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