• C. H. Coutts

WTF Theresa May?

For all of you supporters of socialized medicine (single payer health care system) this is what you have to look forward to. Put yourself in these parents shoes and imagine what it is like to have a government agency deny you the right to take your dying child to a country where they may be able to treat him. Personally, this ruling would make me homicidal. How can these people making these decisions justify denying any chance at all for these parents to save their sons life?

Our president Donald Trump has taken time from his very hectic life to address this child's predicament by vowing to do anything he can to help the parents bring Charlie to the U.S. for an experimental treatment they believe may save his life. So the "EVIL" Donald Trump is fighting to save a child from the UK's court ruling that will certainly mean this young boys death, while the "GOOD" liberals are trying to institute the same healthcare system here in the U.S.. A health care system where the government has more of a right to decide this child's fate than the boys parents do.

They (the parents) raised over a million dollars to pay for the trip to the U.S. but were still denied by Theresa May to take their child out of the country for treatment. DENIED! WTF is that all about Theresa May? If this is the healthcare system you believe in then you truly are a dumbass.

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