• C. H. Coutts

What's Left...

Since all of you Antifa and BLM dumbasses can not think past your own hatred enough to see reality, I am going to explain this to you in terms an absolute moron can understand.

If you manage to tear down every thing in this country that can be tied to racism in some way. This is what will be left for you to build your new world on.

Every government building in the country would have to be torn down because they were designed by white men.

Every tree would have to be chopped down, because they represent lynching.

Every blade of grass must go because it represents the blood spilled on it due to racism.

Every house, apartment building, hotel, motel, would have to be torn down because they represent discriminatory housing practices.

Every car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, train, airplane, would have to go because their designs were originally conceived by white men.

Grocery stores, farms, waste water treatment centers, hospitals, COLEGES and UNIVERSITIES, all conceived and started by... white people.

We would have to level most of our mountain ranges be cause like the Black Hills in South Dakota they represent the white man stealing that land from the Indians. (never mind the fact that most of these tribes stole that land from other Indians in the first place, but hey, facts are subjective right?)

Am I making a dent in that lump of silly putty you call a brain yet?

FACT: This country (like it or not) was founded and built by white people, therefore by using YOUR OWN logic everything that is within the borders of this country would represent racism and white supremacy.

And here is the biggest symbol that would have to be destroyed. Every man, woman and child will have to be killed, regardless of race, because we, people, are the original cause of, and perpetuators of racism across the globe, not just in the U.S.. If there are no people, racism does not exist.

So you can tear down everything you want to, wipe the Earth clean of everything, and you still will not wipe out racism. Because statues and monuments, flags and buildings, words, have no meaning other than what PEOPLE choose to give them.

I know that this was probably fifteen minutes of my life wasted writing this, because you people are so filled with hate your blinded by it. But what the hell. Worth a shot.

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