• C. H. Coutts


I know that I only caught a snippet of a conversation in passing, but what I heard really caught my attention.

The comment was this.

"...the biggest reason capitalism is a (bleeped) up economic system, is because all that it does is create a nation of selfish people...

Man I tell ya, my mind snarfed up that little tidbit like a Scooby snack.

Capitalism allows people exactly what the constitution of the United States guarantees them. The right to life, liberty, and the PURSUITE of happiness. That's why it works. It does not however guarantee anyone that they will actually achieve it.

Its based on the assumption that ones individual success is only limited by how hard they are willing to work for it. The constitution gives no one a right to wealth simply because they exist.

I challenge anyone to show me where it does.

Does the fact that we who have earned the money want to control the money, make us selfish?

Under the literal definition of the word, absolutely. Capitalism is based on competition which necessitates a little selfishness for it to work.

In my mind though the flip side, being socialism, is far worse in this regard.

Is there really any higher level of not only selfishness, but outright arrogance, than one thinking they are entitled to what other people have earned, just because they are alive?

Lets see here, NOPE!

Not in my mind anyway.


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