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CNN Gets Busted Again... #FakeNews

Came across this post by TruthHurts‏ @tru768 and you know how much I enjoy burning CNN down with their unethical journalism. Busted them red handed no doubt.

You can view the CNN article from above clearly stating that this photo was along an estuary in Kentucky, USA.

However, the picture is actually from this Daily Mail article showing the pollution along the river Thames in jolly ole England.

Spread it around, show even more proof that CNN prints fake stuff. No matter how small, let people know, post it, share it, copy and paste it, whatever it takes to keep the pressure on.

Lowest ratings ever right now for CNN... Nickelodeon, The Home and Garden Network, the Food Network, all beat CNN in quarterly ratings. They currently stand at #10

Jan. 3 2018 Daily Mail picture from their article.

July 2 2018 CNN picture from their article.

A little clipping here, a little editing there, the picture is 5 months old, no one will ever notice.

But they did.

Nice catch man!

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