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Abortion on demand

In America if you say abortion Planned Parenthood will be the name that comes to mind. So we will primarily look at them. They claim to do all manner of women's health services but visit their website and the very first thing on the list is abortion and they tell you exactly what they are all about if you click on those services.

They say it in the first line.

The only requirement to get an abortion is the desire to end a pregnancy. How that can be accomplished is regulated by each state government and Roe v Wade ensures that abortion on demand is legal on the federal level.

And how about those women's health services and adoption services?

There are many videos of people across the country doing the same thing with the very same responses.

All they do are abortions, no other services.

This video explains why many including myself see Planned Parenthood and abortion as an industry. Good information in here.

The following video goes through the entire procedure of the abortion as explained by the medical staff to a patient or client before the procedure. There is nothing wrong with this woman, she just wants to end her pregnancy and we can tell that it is very routine for the staff.

A lot of people just do not realize that abortion is a multi million dollar a year business and the later term the abortion the more they can charge for the procedure. As I mentioned before they are now talking about letting children born alive after botched abortions die or even killing them.

This woman is an abortion survivor. I will let her tell her own story.

I added this video because this is no lump of cells, she was developed enough to survive an abortion procedure. And there are many like her.

This issue should not be a political weapon. Right side, left side it should not matter. What should matter is the fact that abortion is being used as an after the fact birth control method to the tune of over 300,000 abortions every year on average. Over 300,000.

New York aborts more babies than are born so in my mind, this is a question of humanity versus profit and human life should not be for sale. Or fetal body parts for that matter but that's for another time.

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