• Charles H Coutts

Coffee Thoughts 05/19/2020 Fear and Brainwashing, Hydroxychloroquine

I am so sick of this crap. People screeching like banshees over this Hydroxychloroquine POSSIBLY causing heart issues in SOME people.

Have you people actually listened to a freaking drug commercial on TV recently? Pay attention to the next few you see.

Examples: (I am not going to mention specific drugs or disclaimers because I do not know if there could be any legal ramifications of doing so.) But you will get my point.

Drug A, treats mild to severe skin irritations (itch). Possible side effects, anal bleeding, higher risk of contracting TB, brain aneurysm, or in some rare cases an exasperation of your condition. Some people may have allergic reaction that can result in death.

People have no problem accepting these risks to get rid of an itch.

Drug B, this drug treats migraine headaches. Possible side effects include brain bleed, stroke, chance of developing permanent uncontrollable movements of the extremities, blindness, and in some rare cases death.

People have no problem accepting these risks to get rid of a migraine.

But Hydroxychloroquine, a drug that has been in use for some 60 years with very few issues MIGHT cause a heart arrhythmia in SOME people. Everyone starts acting like it is cyanide because talking heads on their little screens told them to.

They will gladly accept the risks mentioned above (again, made up for emphasis) for problems that people deal with everyday of their lives.

But a drug that could save their lives, they are terrified of because it has a very slight chance of causing heart arrhythmia in SOME people?

This is not about a drug guys, it is about brainwashing. Think about that.

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