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Coffee Thoughts 05/20/2020 - Nursing Home Deaths, Cuomo/Levine


I have been doing a lot of thinking about this disgusting tragedy that was brought down on our elderly in the NY and PENN nursing homes.

Cuomo and Levine IMO are guilty of negligent homicide at the very least if they truly did not understand the risks they were putting these people at.

(Which I personally do not believe, not for a Nano second)

Leading up to this event it was a well established fact that the elderly were the most vulnerable to this virus so claiming they did not know that or did not understand the risk falls flat as a pancake the way I see it.

They knew, and did it anyway. The question we need answers to are why they did it.

We people out here in the real world are not nearly as stupid as these elites think we are. Not all of us anyway.

These deaths were either the result of criminal incompetence or it was an intentional act with the purpose of boosting the death toll from this virus. Neither is an acceptable answer but the latter would and should be considered an act of crimes against humanity. These people deserve and their families deserve justice for those deaths that were 100% preventable.

Cuomo getting on TV and claiming the whole "act of god" defense makes my blood boil. God did not intentionally put infected people into a closed environment with the most vulnerable people to the virus. Cuomo (and Levine) did that, and thousands of lives were unnecessarily lost because of HIS decisions. That makes HIM culpable for those deaths. Not God.

If a mine boss makes a decision that costs miners their lives, they are held responsible those deaths. Both criminal and civil responsibility. If a ships Captain makes decisions that cost the lives of their passengers, that Captain is held responsible for those deaths. The same goes for anyone who is in a leadership position and responsible for the lives of others and make decisions that kill those people. They are held responsible for those deaths.

But because someone is a Governor or a government official (and Democrat it seems) they just get a pass on intentional actions that cost thousands of people their lives?

Is that the way things work in America now? The leftists want to hang Donald Trump over what they see as his negligence (which is not true of course) but they just look the other way when it comes to Cuomo and this Levine character who have as a matter of fact, not wishful thinking through their actions cost the lives of thousands.

WTF are we doing here people, are we really going to just sit back and let this go? Let these monsters get away with killing thousands just because of their title or political party?

We need to stand up and push for investigations into this and demand that these "people" answer for their actions.

Being a member of government should not make people immune to facing the consequences of their actions. Especially when those actions result in the deaths of thousands of innocent people. That is full blown banana republic, third world communist bullshit that has no place in America.

They only get away with this crap because we let them. It is past time that we as Americans stop freaking doing that.

Don't ya think?

If we let them get away with killing thousands now, who is to say they will not kill millions later. Just like Hitler, Mao, Stalin, and the other 20th century monsters? They did not kill millions all at once, they did it a few hundred or thousand at a time over years.

History is there for us to learn from, but we have to make an effort to do so.

I am not a Journalist. All of my writings are my own opinion on current events around the world and in my own life. Agreeing with me is not a requirement.

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