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Coffee Thoughts 05/22/2020 Lies Or Incompetence, Can We Trust The CDC?


Since the spike in (virus) cases the MSM and leftists screeched about are NOT happening in the areas that are opening up (yet anyway), I keep hearing the talking heads say "that means people have learned to social distance and protect themselves. It is working.'

And yet we ARE seeing spikes in places that are NOT opening. Those people are far more social distancing to the point of self isolation, but new cases are spiking anyway in many of them.

What does that tell us?

Common sense would suggest that it is also just as possible that like pretty much everything else about this virus... they (the CDC) are wrong about how contagious it is, as well as social distancing being the answer. Logic would dictate that staying cooped up in our houses and isolated is having the exact opposite impact that they claim it does. It is not helping, it is making things worse for many people.

They have already admitted (their latest admission) that what they said was the primary transmission source, surfaces, is not the case now.

So what IS the primary transmission source then? If it is not airborne, and it does not transmit easily from contact with surfaces, then what?

When the people in charge are wrong about 90% of what they told you, it is a reasonable (and intelligent) reaction to not trust the other 10% of what they told you.

At some point guys, we must stop blindly following what these people say and start asking our own questions, and demanding real answers to those questions. Because our lives are on the line in more ways then one. We deserve straight and accurate information so that we can have a solid foundation for our own decision making process.

We are not getting that from the "experts". We get told one thing only to be told the exact opposite a short time later. Is this a deliberate fear tactic or do these "experts" have no freaking idea what they are talking about? Either way, this does NOT instill trust, quite the opposite in fact.

If these people have enough information about this virus to create a vaccine for it, which they are claiming to be very close to. (To create a vaccine you must know that virus inside and out.) They should also have enough information about it to stop giving US inaccurate information about it's mortality rates, infection rates, infection source etc.. Unless of course that information is intentionally inaccurate to push an agenda. That is also a very real possibility.

But they claim that this is all just guess work for them because it is a new virus. How can they know enough about it to create a vaccine but can not even accurately tell us how it primarily transmits from person to person? Does that really make any sense to you?

I can only speak for myself but...not even a little bit!

9 times out of ten if you are not allowed to question what someone is telling you it is because they are lying to you. That is a simple fact of life because there is no other valid reason to not support your position. It is either because you can't support it, or you do not want to try and support it because you know you are lying.

In my world trust, like respect, is earned, not given.

Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear. Question everything because ignorance is the tool of tyrants. (TUTP)

I am not a Journalist. All of my writings are my own opinion on current events around the world and in my own life. Agreeing with me is not a requirement.

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