• Charles H Coutts

Coffee Thoughts...Free Thinkers. 06/21/2020


I got called an "agitator" and a "shxt stirrer" by some snowflakes on Twitter yesterday.


That is not an insult to me, it is a badge of honor I wear proudly.

That's what we free thinkers and non-conformists do, we question the status quo, we question the approved narrative and you betcha, that agitates the hell out of people who want to control what others think and what information they are allowed to have.

You know, those people called fascists, communists, or better known in our country the U.S. as Democrats or "liberals". They REALLY don't like it when we free thinkers start getting other people to wake up and think outside of the approved narrative. They get down right belligerent about it in fact, sometimes violent in their efforts to silence us.

They try to coerce us through fear into conforming to their will but you know, as "NON-CONFORMISTS"... yeah, that really doesn't work for us.

All through history free thinkers have been called agitators, shxt stirrers, and trouble makers by the establishment. Whether it be totalitarian religious establishments or authoritarian governments like communism or socialism. Many of them lost their lives or died in prisons for being free thinkers.

They can't stand the fact that we do not fall in line, keep our mouths shut, and be good little slaves to the establishment.

So if you are getting called an "agitator", a "shxt stirrer" or a "trouble maker" by the mob or establishment, congratulations, you must be a free thinker. An individual as apposed to a mindless drone, a slave to the collective who never thinks, they simply react to whatever vibration rattles its way through the hive at the time. Good little worker bees.

Don't get mad, don't be insulted, say "thank you". The fact that they can not get a rise out of you will piss them off more than anything in this world because that is what they feed on. They are like little vampires who wither and die if they can not draw that emotional life force from those they hate by goading them into anger and hatred as well.

Don't give it to them. Just like when they start calling us names and resorting to personal attacks, don't get mad, that is what they want, that is why they are doing it, to piss us off and then feed off of our emotion. When they do that, it means they have no logical argument left... you won, so smile and enjoy your victory while starving them of their emotional fix. The little junkies will be left dealing with withdrawals and if they can not get their fix from us they will inevitably turn on each other to get it. We can simply sit back, crack a cold one and watch them destroy each other. Hate can not destroy hate, only love can do that.

It is not, contrary to their own beliefs, the collectivist mob that brings about good change in a society, it is the free thinkers. The mob uses force and intimidation to keep people locked into an authoritarian system that controls peoples minds and lives through fear. Free thinkers use logic and truth to free them from that prison.

Throughout history it has always been the free thinkers who bring about true change and progress by releasing society from that authoritarian rule and oppression of the collective establishment enforced by the collective mob. Releasing peoples minds from the never ending oppression of group think so that they can see the truth and begin to think for themselves. Then they too can become free thinkers.

And it always will be.

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