• Charles H Coutts

It Is Not Like We Didn't See This Coming...The 2020 Election Steal.


I can only speak for myself but I know that there are a lot of people here in America who see the same thing I do, who feel the same way that I do.

Although the 2020 presidential election will likely end up being decided by the courts with a possibility of Donald Trump still being declared the winner after recounts.

This election was most certainly stole from the American people in this writer's opinion.

We patriots have been talking about this for almost 4 years, primarily after the blatant voter fraud, we witnessed during the 2018 prelims with all of the "found" votes that almost to a number always favored the Democrats. We saw this coming and the maddening part was our being powerless to stop it. Not just because of the corruption in our government, or the corrupt media running interference, constructing cover-ups, and big tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Twitter using Soviet-style censorship tactics to silence our voices.

The biggest reason we were powerless to stop it was because of the misled masses. Those who's ignorance and arrogance made them the perfect patsies. Or as Vladimir Lenin labeled them, the perfect "useful idiots".

As much animosity as I feel towards these people for selling out my country it is not entirely their fault. They were taken for a ride by masters of the game. Unfortunately for all of us, by the time they reach this realization, it will be too late to do anything about it. Just like every other time humanity has traveled down this road.

Of course, the corrupt media which is undoubtedly in the Democrats pocket denies that any voter fraud exists at all in our electoral system despite all of the hard evidence to the contrary. Even now the media is conducting a massive disinformation campaign in an effort to discredit any claims of voter fraud by the Republicans or President Trump. Again, this is despite growing hard evidence that fraud has taken place. An honest media would be crawling all over this evidence, not doing everything possible to hide it.

But it is not we patriots who they are talking to anyway now, is it? it is the misled masses who blindly follow with mindless devotion every word the media says.

Never question, never taking even a moment to stop and analyze the information that they are fed with a golden spoon like ice cream. They simply obey and swallow.

For the communist, and let's just stop denying the obvious and call a spade a spade because that is what or who we are dealing with in today's Democrats. The truth matters nothing. All that matters to them is how many people they can convince, that what they say is the truth. And it is in these misled masses that the communist always finds their power. It begins with lies that mislead but after the power, the communist seeks is attained it becomes something else. The lies are known to be lies but through threat and intimidation, the lies will go unchallenged because the communist has removed all recourse for the misled masses.

At this point, they simply obey or pay the consequences for their disobedience. This is the way of authoritarianism.

We see it already in what has been labeled the "cancel culture". Disobey and they will ruin your life, destroy your reputation, destroy your business, make you lose your job, your home, your family. In the days of Soviet Russia, they would imprison dissenters. Today, they will drive you to homelessness and starvation effectively banishing you from their society.

Obey or be cast out. That is a powerful incentive to sit down, shut up, and do what you are told. That is the communist way.

And make no mistake America, that is where we will be going if this election is indeed stolen from us. So it would be in all of our best interest to do anything and everything we can to prepare for what will be coming.

I am not a person who likes to be wrong, and as my wife can tell you because it drives her crazy, I rarely am wrong.

But this is one time, I not only hope, but I pray that I am wrong. For all of our sakes because everything I see coming is based on history and in that history this story has always followed the same path, to the same end.

Even if the courts do declare Donald Trump the winner of this election through recounts this election was stolen from the American people by the Democrats, and they will do it again, and again, and again, until they get what they want.

Total control over this country and total control over us. Communists despise personal freedom for anyone but themselves and they will not stop unless we stop them.

The terrorism will escalate, the corruption will continue because the goal is to so demoralize the population with the violence and oppressive policies that we simply give up, surrender to the communist take over of our country, and our lives. Add to that an entire generation specifically engineered to be weak and submissive, to believe that communism will save them, and we have a very hard row to hoe my friends, very hard indeed.

Biden is the Trojan horse, he will be removed as soon as possible and Harris installed as President which I believe was the goal from the beginning. Harris is a communist and she will advance the communist goals of overthrowing America.

Stealing this election is not the beginning, it is the end of a decades-long plan that has been brought to fruition by our own stupidity. We simply were not paying attention and the wolves took over the hen house.

Only one question remains.

Is this the end of freedom, is this the end of the last free country in the world, or do we still have a hope of salvation?

"When fools hire liars, cheats, and thieves to be in control of their lives they can hardly be surprised when those people lie to them, cheat them, and steal from them. It is their nature after all. ~Charles H Coutts

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