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Just How Safe IS That Protective Equipment You Trust Your Health & Safety To?


PPE- Personal Protective Equipment

That depends a lot on where it comes from.

I just watched a report that state and local government officials are finding serious problems with many N95 masks coming out of... you guessed it... China.

The masks fall short of U.S. standards for the masks effectiveness in blocking biological particles.

The standards are that the masks must filter out 95% of airborne particles.

OSHA, the (Occupational, Safety and Health Administration) randomly tested 70 masks from China shipments and found that 60% of the masks tested fell short of the 95% airborne particle standards. Some masks only tested at 50% while others were as low as 35% effective at blocking airborne particles.

This presents a clear and present threat to the health and safety of our front line healthcare workers. And I am not just talking about the threat from Corona virus either. People around the world are using these same masks and other PPE to protect them from far deadlier viruses than SARS coV 2.

Our first threat is of course comes from opportunistic companies from other countries pumping out millions of fake masks just to make a quick profit with no concern of the risks those masks pose to the people who may wear them. Special report from India Today.

Also from India.

But that is not all. Below are a couple of videos posted on Facebook by a friend showing how these articles of PPE people trust their safety to, are being made and handled before reaching them. Lets just say the term "sanitary or sterile conditions" is not high on their list of priorities.

I would NOT want to use that PPE!

The worst thing about it, is that most people are clueless as to how this stuff is really made and handled before being sent all around the world. They blindly trust that the equipment is being made and handled in an appropriate manner. Unfortunately this is not always the case as we can see.

That should seriously concern people because products made in other countries are not held to the same safety standards as products made in the United States.

You could be wearing THIS PPE right here in these videos and you would never even know it.

Worse still, as mentioned in this same report by Richard Mackinnon, (Professional Firefighters of MA) is that many of our front line healthcare workers have no choice but to use this defective equipment. They do not have anything else. This of course greatly increases the risks to those people already risking their health and safety by dealing with the virus head on.

An unnecessary and unacceptable risk in this writers opinion. Stop buying the crap!

California is set to spend $1 billion on imported masks. 3M Masks (from BYD a Chinese company.)

Illinois, $17 million. KN95 Masks (China)

Missouri, $8 million. Masks

(Missouri recently received a shipment of masks but had to recall all of them after many were found to be faulty) One would ask why this equipment is not being tested BEFORE being distributed?

Louisiana, $40 million. Masks

We can make these masks here in the U.S. so why are these states buying from other countries, especially China?

5 things to look for yourself when using an N95 mask according to the report are;

1) They should not have any off color or decorations

2) No patches

3) If they do NOT have approval numbers

4) They should NOT say approved for children

5) Most important is that an N95 mask will have two bands that go around the head, not ear loops. China's KN95 masks use ear loops making them less safe due to a poor face seal.

Be careful guys, I know it is easy to become complacent and overlook important inspection of equipment. I had to use PPE including respirators for years when working as an industrial maintenance mechanic to avoid silicosis from the sand we used for molding. My very life depended on that PPE and the company took our safety very seriously. They only bought from the best instead of trying to save a buck. Well, lawsuits were also a great motivation to do so but these governors are not pressured by that particular incentive.

That in itself should be highly concerning to everyone. I mean, who holds them accountable for bad decisions or purposeful actions that cause harm or death to the people they represent?

Below is another video showing gowns that reportedly came from China falling apart like wet crepe paper when the staff try to put them on. I am not sure what country this is (Italy, Greece?) because the video does not say. It is for all intents and purposes irrelevant anyway because this defective equipment is being sent all around the globe.

Now, it is important to remember here that when this virus first caught world attention, China went around the globe sucking up every piece of medical PPE that they could get their poison little fingers on. They also blocked American companies operating in China from exporting their product to the U.S.. This of course caused a shortage for everyone else and basically allowed China to corner the market on that PPE. They now had most of it so if a country needed PPE right now, China was pretty much their only option. That in itself needs to be addressed and POTUS is looking into legal options. (Read Here)

For the most part that is no longer the case though, so again my question is why, why are state governors buying PPE from China or other countries that do not hold the same safety standards as the U.S? Equipment that endangers the very people these governors are claiming to be protecting. By buying protective equipment from countries like China who have a provable track record of supplying a dangerously defective product.

Not to mention all of that money that could be going to seriously struggling American companies (and OUR economy) instead of going to the country that caused this crisis to begin with. Why are they helping China to profit from a world wide health crisis they caused?

Healthcare workers should be pounding on those governors doors demanding that they are only buying PPE from reputable sources that have a record of success, not failures.

It is YOUR health, YOUR safety, and quite possibly YOUR life, that these governors are gambling with after all.

It is your right to DEMAND BETTER from them! They work for YOU!

"When government forgets their place, it is our duty to put them back in it."

~The Ugly Truth Project

Secondary source for the televised report I based this writing on.

Secondary source for China hoarding PPE... blocking U.S. companies...

Contact your Governor, demand safe and effective PPE. It is your right!

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