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Random Thoughts... Censorship


Censorship is an act of cowardice. If you are working to eliminate any information that opposes or questions a given narrative or hypothesis, then you are essentially admitting that your version of things can not withstand scrutiny.

Scrutiny by the way is the backbone of science.

I think Bret Weinstein said it very well;

Science isn’t ‘what experts think’. It’s a method that corrects what experts think. ~Bret Weinstein

That means asking questions, challenging what the results say and requiring that they are proven true. What censorship does is remove our ability to question and scrutinize the information that we are being told by not allowing us to see both sides of the story and make our own decisions.

This is a form of fascism and we know it is a form of fascism because it is exactly what the most reviled fascist in history did in order to help seize and maintain his power over the population.

Censorship goes hand in hand with propaganda because once you remove any and all information that may dispute your claims, what remains is propaganda.

Censorship also goes hand in hand with oppression the very act of censorship is at its core an act of oppression.

Now I could spend the next hour or so going through historical examples of censorship and the role it plays in both authoritarian and totalitarian societies but I am not.

The reason is that 1) as I have explained before, I am not going to sit here and spoon feed information to people, that is not my job because if people really want to know this stuff, they will put in the effort to find it.

And 2) the best way in the world to get people to understand things is to point them in the right direction and let them figure it out on their own.

Otherwise, you just end up arguing with people, and nothing gets accomplished. Primarily because that is exactly the escape most people in this situation are looking for. This brings us right back to number one. If they really want to know the truth they will do what it takes to find it.

As I said, I point them in the right direction by providing links to get them started and the rest is up to them.

So, let's look at some current censorship.

Go to images from FB Youtube.

First images- Dr. Robert Malone (involved with the invention of the mRNA technology making him the foremost expert on the subject)

  1. So, this 'meme" by Dr. Robert Malone is according to the "fact-check" "Missing context" that could "mislead people" So let's look at that "fact-check"

  2. The first thing we see is that the image and the fact check have nothing to do with each other. For one thing, the fact-check is for a video in which this image clearly is not

  • Claim 1. The spike protein is "cytotoxic ... very dangerous" This claim is clearly NOT made in this image

  • Claim 2. Something has gone terribly wrong with the mRNA vaccine. Nope, this claim is not made in this image either

  • Claim 3: A Canadian veterinary school professor has unearthed proof the spike protein especially lodges in the ovaries. Nope, this claim is not made in this image either so that is strike 3 for this fact check

This is a game we see very often in Facebook fact-checking. Claiming something is false by fact-checking claims the post never makes. But they know it doesn't matter because the fact-checkers know that the people they are targeting with these fact-checks never read beyond the headline. They see "false information" or "Missing Context" etc. they just take the fact-checkers word for it and move on. They will never even read the fact-check itself so they will never realize what I have just shown. This fact check has absolutely nothing to do with the image it is on. I will get to that more in the summary.

Second case- Pandemic Debate- Dr. Ryan Cole, MD expert in immunology and virology. (Listen to the experts right. is that not what the left is always saying? Well this guy is an expert but they do not want you listening to just any expert, they only want you listening to THEIR experts which is the reason behind much of this censorship to begin with.

  1. Now I watched this video myself from beginning to end and I suggest you take the time to do so as well because I do not want anyone taking my word for anything, listen and look at all of the information, then decide for yourself.

Claim 1 (Inaccurate and Misleading):

Coronaviruses are seasonal. They follow a six-to-nine-month life cycle, and no matter what we do, they’re going to do what they do, and then they’re going to fade. What happened to SARS, what happened to MERS? What did we do to stop them? Nothing, they did their thing.

This claim is not made anywhere in this video

Claim 2 (Misleading):

90% of deaths in the state have been over 70 years of age. That’s the at-risk population. We have stopped our society for something that’s taking people that are already at that death risk age anyway

This claim is also not made in this video

Claim 3 (Unsupported):

Ivermectin is effective for preventing and treating COVID-19

And again, this claim is not made in this video

Now, I could go through all of the claims in this fact-check but there really is no point because this fact-check is not about THIS video. The fact-check is about an entirely different video.

So the takeaway from this is that it is not the video, but the person they are trying to silence.

How do we know this? They tell you this themselves as we can see in this image.

"Independent fact-checkers reviewed a SIMILAR video (meaning NOT THIS video) and said it was false."

So the whole premise behind this fact-check is that it is "misleading" but here is the thing. They are telling people that THIS video is false, misleading, etc. by using an entirely different video as the basis for fact-checking it. Almost every source they use in this fact-check is themselves. That in itself is a big red flag.

Guys, that is the very definition of misleading people! More in that in the summary.

Before we move on though I just want to take a quick peek at the Pandemic Debate site which will be linked in the description.

3rd case- Candace Owens voices an opinion and it gets fact-checked as "missing context". Missing context is what they use when something is not actually wrong but they just do not like what they said, This is censorship of someone's opinion and that should be scaring people.

Image; AAAAAAAAAnd here we are again. The post by Candace Owens is not the image that this fact check is about. Are you starting to detect a pattern yet? "The same information was checked in another post by independent fact-checkers.

Nooooo, this is NOT the same information as what is in the post used in the fact-check as you can see yourself.

Again, guys, this is the very definition of misleading people. They are claiming a post is misleading by misleading people. Another word for this is LYING.

And then I called them on it (called it a chicken shit fact-check) and suddenly the post was gone along with the fact check. This is why I take screenshots of everything, it is a good habit to get into because if they lock/delete your account or remove something you will still have a record of it. Like this, it was a screenshot I took myself and posted and I did not remove it.

4th case- AOC at the Met Gala by Benny Johnson.

I probably do not really need to say this but... yep, the fact-check is about an entirely different post by an entirely different person. The old "missing context".

Now the first question here is why they felt the need to put a fact check on this in the first place because as with others, this is someone's opinion. And if we look at the post by Benny Johnson and compare it to the "fact-check".

  1. All we really need to look at here is the headline since the fact-check is about an entirely different post and image.

  2. And, once again they even admit it. "Missing context-"The same information was checked in another post by independent fact-checkers.

  3. Fact Check: AOC Did NOT Spend Thousands On Her 'Tax The Rich' Dress, Nor On Her Ticket To The Met Gala 2021

  4. Benny Johnson does not make these claims in his post. He correctly says how much tickets cost (not saying AOC paid for it). An estimate on what a designer dress costs (not that AOC paid that) and some other generalized information ending with his opinion of AOCs appearance.

5th case- IMAGE

  1. The craziest thing about this one is it is humor. And again we have to ask, "why did they feel the need to censor it in the first place?

  2. And once again (if the pattern was not clear yet it should be by now) the fact-check is about an entirely different image and what it says.

  3. We are not here to argue the vaccine efficacy we are looking at censorship. Fact: People who get the vaccine can still catch COVID, tat is a stone-cold fact so this fact-check is the only misleading thing going on here.

So finally, I just did a video the other day called A war of attrition, and in it, I mention the fact that the vaccines do NOT prevent people from getting COVID. Here again, this is a fact and even though I have not put a video on Youtube for a long time I threw it on there just to see if they would remove it, and they did. Within a day it was taken down.

I did appeal it and this is what I said-

I am actually surprised but Youtube did not send me any communication concerning my appeal but today as we can see the video is back to "public" which I am assuming has been put back.

So what we have here are numerous cases of things being censored on social media by being classified as false or misleading etc. but it is the fact-checks ( the censoring) themselves that seem to be doing all of the misleading.

They even admit it as I have shown. You can not call something false or misleading by using an entirely different image, article, or video to do so.

THAT IS THE VERY DEFINITION OF MISLEADING PEOPLE. And as I mentioned earlier, the reason they can get away with this is that they are targeting a very specific group of people, and those people are not us.

The people they target with these "fact-checks" are the ones who have already been misled and they want to keep them that way.

Censorship is the best way to do that because if they can prevent these people from ever seeing or hearing information that may question or criticize a given narrative then there is very little chance that they will ever start questioning that narrative themselves.

That is the entire point of the exercise, to keep people ignorant of anything but what those in power want them to know.

And as we know, ignorance is the tool of tyrants, always has been, and always will be.

Now the point of my video here is the exact opposite of that. I am trying to get people to start asking questions by showing them that they are being misled (denied information in order to keep them believing a specific narrative) and flat out lied to.

My hope is that they will stop and think about what I have shown and ask themselves "why are they lying to me... why are they misleading me... and if they are lying about this...what else have they been lying to me about?

Because as I said, the whole purpose is to keep people from asking these very simple but monumentally important questions.

Once those questions start to be asked they trigger a cascade effect that leads to even more questions that reveal even more deception.

Now, I already know how this is going to go because it always goes the same way.

Some people will look at what I have presented and they will start asking those questions, others will try and turn the focus onto the argument about the virus, etc. as a way to try and deflect away from the real point which is censorship, not the virus or anything else.

Happens every time.

The best way I have ever heard it put was- “I can only explain it to you, I can’t understand it for you”

Some people will get it, some won't. This as with all of my posts, videos, etc. are the way I see things and that is what I share.

But I think I have shown that in today's world that is teetering on the edge of becoming Orwells 1984 in real-time... opinions are more and more becoming the target of censorship.

This is what should be scaring people because if we can not even express our own opinions the first amendment is gone, freedom of speech is gone and once one of our constitutional rights disappear, the rest will soon follow.

Censorship like I have shown here is just the beginning, it will get worse and worse and worse until we are not allowed to even think anything other than what the powers that be allow us to think.

What we allow will not only continue folks, it will get exponentially worse and this censorship is just one step in a much larger campaign that will end the same place it always ends.

In oppression, misery, and unspeakable horrors.

Remember. History does not repeat itself, ignorant people repeat history and the whole goal of censorship is to make and keep people ignorant so that they will not understand what is really going on until it is too late for them to stop it.

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