• Charles H Coutts

Random Thoughts... Censorship "Fact-Checkers" (VIDEO)

In this episode, I take a look at "fact-checkers" primarily from those put on my own Facebook posts. Are they preventing misleading information or are they the ones misleading people?

You decide.

Reference Material:

Hitler's censorship and Propaganda machine. (This is for comparison to what we see today, it may shock you)

PowerPoint Presentation (

More information on the "Pandemic Debate" that I mention in this podcast.

Media | Pandemic Debate News

More about Dr. Robert Malone who I mention in this podcast.

About Us — RW Malone MD, LLC

mRNA vaccine inventor speaks out on 'Tucker' after YouTube deletes video of him discussing risks | Fox News

More about Dr. Ryan Cole who I mention in this podcast, and more information about what the "fact-check" was talking about. Watch for yourself... decide for yourself.

Mayo Clinic-Trained Pathologist Explains How Spike Protein “Vaccine” Injections Are Killing Us. URGENT. | Coronavirus News (

Lead Stories suspected connection to the CCP (Chinese Communist Party)

Facebook Fact-Checker Funded by Chinese Money Through TikTok (

The "Fact-Checks"

Fact Check: There Is NO Consensus Acceptance Of Untested Assertion The Spike Protein Created By mRNA COVID Vaccine Is 'Very Dangerous' | Lead Stories

Not all coronaviruses are seasonal, contrary to pathologist Ryan Cole’s claim; COVID-19 vaccines are effective at preventing illness - Health Feedback

Fact Check: A Vaccinated Person Is NOT Wrong To Think An Unvaccinated Person Is A Threat To Their Health | Lead Stories

Fact Check: AOC Did NOT Spend Thousands On Her 'Tax The Rich' Dress, Nor On Her Ticket To The Met Gala 2021 | Lead Stories

Fact Check: 'The Shot' Is NOT Failing -- It Prevents Most Infections And Reduces Symptoms Of Breakthrough Infections | Lead Stories

Disclaimer: All of my work is my own opinion and is not presented as being fact. It is intended to be a further source of information to enable people to make their own decisions based on as much information as possible.

Any and all information posted regarding the opinions, views, or beliefs of third parties is not necessarily the opinions, views, or beliefs of The Ugly Truth Project, its owner, or its staff either in the video, audio, or written formats that we use.

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