• Charles H Coutts

Random Thoughts... Chauvin Trial.


I have a tendency to analyze and then reduce everything down to its base components, what is the bottom line?

This Chauvin trial is all basically coming down to one question, and the answer to that question decides that man's fate.

If someone is literally overdosing on Fyntenal meaning they are already in the process of dying, would Chauvin putting his knee on Floyd's neck have any impact on that outcome?

In other words, could his actions contribute to a death that was already going to happen no matter what anyone did?

This is where we separate the emotions from the facts. Factually, the answer is no, especially when we also consider that Chauvin was using a department-approved (at the time) method of restraint on Floyd.

Factually, Chauvin can not be held responsible for a death that was already going to happen no matter what he or anyone else for that matter did.

Once we introduce emotions into this mix though, what may be factual becomes irrelevant, lost in all of the noise emotions bring and if this man gets convicted of murder, it will be an injustice in my opinion as well as set a very dangerous precedent in our legal system.

Our justice system is slowly becoming a vehicle for vengeance and if Chauvin IS convicted of murder the door will be opened wide.

The emotions are grief, anger, and sadness, all completely understandable after losing a loved one and the family are not the ones creating the noise. It is the race baiters and race betrayers who exploit this man's death and the family's grief using the family as puppets to spread hatred and division. All the while filling their pockets off of the fundraisers in Floyd's name. And of course, we have the real reason behind it all for them, self-promotion.

As long as Floyd's death is in the headlines a lot of people remain relevant, so they just keep picking at that wound, they will not let this family or our country for that matter begin to heal. Not as long as they can make money off of keeping us hating each other.

There is a word for that, it is called a parasite.

Is Chauvin guilty of a crime in all of this? I don't know man, maybe dereliction of duty resulting in manslaughter for not trying more to revive Floyd? But there again, we have no way of knowing if anything anyone would have done could have saved Floyd. Specifically given the fact that Floyd had three times the fatal level of fentanyl in his system along with other drugs. Floyd was according to the toxicology report essentially a walking dead man.

But in my opinion, whatever Chauvin may be guilty of, it is not murder. Even if he is found innocent and walks his life is over, he will carry this around his neck for the rest of his life. The Floyd family will most certainly file a wrongful death suit against him (and probably win) if they haven't already.

But then again, in this upside-down world, he may write a book and get filthy rich, who knows anymore?

No matter the outcome this verdict will be a defining moment in the future of our country, that is something we know for certain.

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