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Random Thoughts... Fear As A Virtue

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

(All of my broadcasts are my own opinion, agreeing with me is not a requirement.) When I refer to PEOPLE in this podcast I am of course not talking about every person individually, it is a generalized reference.

This is not my original thought, I saw it on a meme and I have no idea who originally said it but it really got me thinking.

Because it is absolutely true in my opinion.

The Mainstream media and those pulling their strings have truly turned fear into a virtue in many people's minds.

Let's look at that.

There are many things involved in this but we are going to look at the major way it is manifested in our society right now.


Not Halloween or drama masks, surgical masks, cloth masks, dust masks etc.that people are using despite all of the experts who say they do not work. Even the box says they do not in any way prevent transmission of coronavirus. In my mind, it is a simple matter of common sense. If the masks do no good to protect the wearer because the virus can pass through the mask when they inhale, then it is also doing no good to protect anyone else from the virus either. Especially given that exhaling generally is done with more force than inhaling, around 15 miles per hour. Coughing and sneezing are many, many times stronger than inhaling so as I said if inhaling can pull that virus through that mask and infect someone, then a cough moving at 50 miles an hour, or a sneeze moving at 100 miles an hour is going to push that virus right through that mask as well. This is how we who are not being ruled by fear are looking at things. Rationally, with common sense.

But we are not here to rehash that argument because it is pretty pointless given that it goes right into the subject of this "Random Thoughts" episode. Fear, and how it is being used to further divide us against each other. The argument for whether they work or not will be threaded through this thought anyway.

Just jump on Youtube or look around on social media and you will find video after video of people who fall on the fear side of things trying to bully and intimidate people who are not afraid into complying with these mask mandates. #1 a mandate is not a law and we are legally under no obligation to obey it for the very reason that it is not a law. This is the same reason that many law enforcement officers refuse to enforce them. They know that it is not legal and unconstitutional, so they will not enforce it. The only way these governors are getting away with making people wear them is because these people are afraid. Fear, or force, is what makes these people wear those masks. It is also what makes them feel so virtuous in their fear that they feel that they have the right to bully, intimidate, and threaten other people who are not living in fear.

This fear has also created a population of snitches. Their perceived virtue of fear causes them to run and tattletale like a little child on those who refuse to give in to fear and wear a mask that they know good and damn well does no good to protect anyone.

According to the narrative, If you have given in to the fear and allow it to control your life then you are a good person. Your fear is a virtue. If you refuse to give in to fear and choose rational thought and common sense instead, you are a terrible person who does not care about other people. That is the narrative being pushed today by the leftist politicians and the mainstream media.

That is called creating division by making those who fear virtuous while demonizing those who are not afraid. Now it is important to point out here that it is not Trump, the Republicans, or Trump supporters creating this fear and using it to divide us even further by pitting us against each other. That is 100% coming from the left. As with the businesses who are so afraid of the leftist mob that they capitulate even though many of those running those companies know that it is all (the masks) manufactured hysteria. The leftist mob will attack them mercilessly and possibly ruin their lives if they do not fall in line with the narrative. That is a form of fascism people.

You should be asking yourself WHY they (meaning the left) are doing that? As well as asking why the left and the media are trying so hard to censor out any information that goes against what THEY want people to know. That is also a form of fascism.

This is where we get to that time that we need to start asking other questions as well. The first question we need to ask ourselves is WHY did we start wearing these masks, to begin with. Did we learn about the virus, do some research on our own to find out if these masks actually work or not? Or did we just start wearing them for no other reason than someone told us to? This is a very important question because it will determine what side of this issue you fall on. If you did research and found that Doctor after doctor after doctor say that the masks do no good to protect anyone from this virus, and read the box. You probably fall on the not afraid side of things.

If the answer is that you just wear it because you were told to, you likely fall on the side of those who are afraid. You will have to be honest with yourself when answering that question.

Does this make one side smarter than the other side? Not at all because we are not talking about intelligence, we are talking about fear. When it comes to fear, especially fear on the level of mass hysteria, intelligence pretty goes out the window. Fear is not triggered and maintained by intelligence, it is triggered and maintained by irrationality. For the most part, fear is a reaction, not a conscious decision.

We have to also remember that over the course of human history very smart people have been studying us, and our behavior. They have learned enough about how we react to things that every behavioral scientist in the world will tell you that human behavior is predictable. I mean we have created entire economic and social systems based on human behavior being predictable. Many people believe that economics, for example, is the study of money, it is not, it is the study of human behavior and the predictability of that behavior is used to estimate how the market will react in certain circumstances.

Fact. Anything that can be predicted can also be manipulated.

And many of those who are not allowing fear to rule their lives can see that this is a manipulation of that predictable human behavior.

Fear is a tremendous motivator and those in power know and understands this. Fear has been used throughout history to control people so it is nothing new. But, a population that has not been allowed to learn (or have forgotten) history will not know that and this makes them incredibly easy to manipulate.

Ignorance is the tool of tyrants.

So the way I see things, those in power have used fear of this virus to gain control over many in our society. By making that fear a virtue and demonizing those who are not afraid they have created division.

Mobs of mask-wearing, virtue-signaling people ruled by hysteria are verbally and sometimes physically attacking those who are not caught up in the manufactured hysteria over this virus trying to bully them into compliance.

First, the masks were said to be necessary to protect ourselves from the virus. Then when it was undeniable that this was not true, the narrative immediately switched to being necessary to protect other people. First, the "experts" were telling us that masks do no good. Then they do, do good, then they don't again, and now they do again.

The quickest way to determine if someone is lying to you is when what they say keeps changing to fit whatever the current circumstances are.

Fear or not to fear... that is the question.

In summary.

According to the narrative if you fear you are a good virtuous person while those who are not afraid are demonized as bad nonvirtuous people.

This is a tactic to keep us divided and allow the leftists to keep our society shut down and suffering. All of that power is being created through the fear of the population.

There is no shame in realizing and admitting that you have been fooled, or tricked, or misled by people who are masters at doing that very thing.

It should piss you off is what it should do. But through the use of fear and brainwashing techniques those in power and the media have convinced so many people to be angry at those who are trying to point out the lies instead of being angry at those who are actually lying to them.

I will end on one more question that we should be asking ourselves. If these masks work, why are cases constantly going up according to the media and the experts when they should be going down? If the masks do indeed prevent the spread, even considering the noncompliance, we SHOULD be seeing a decrease in cases if the masks actually work, but that is not the case is it?

Wake up America, the coffee is on and time is running short.

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