• Charles H Coutts

Random Thoughts... Marxists


I can not imagine what it must be like to be a leftist. And this is just how I see them based on their own actions and words. They are so nihilistic that they can not even grasp the concept of a joke anymore. We know this is true because they go into spasms every time POTUS jokes about ANYTHING! When everything is meaningless even humor turns them bitter and angry.

At least WE can still joke around with each other even when things are making us all quite anxious. It is a relief valve or safety valve of sorts.

Imagine not having that safety valve, no way to release that emotion except to become relentless in trying to make everyone else just as miserable as you are. A complete inability to see the good in anything but an obsession with everything that's bad or can be turned into something bad.

Imagine an island of all different people, 100% diversity and they all got along perfectly, to the point of having no conflict, no crime... the perfect society.

Take one Marxist and introduce them into this perfect society and let them go. Within a decade that perfect society would be divided 9 ways to Sunday and every faction would be at every other factions' throat. Everything that made that society perfect to begin with, will be gone.

The way I see it this is the fatal flaw within Marxism that prevents it from ever working. The universal conflict that it is based on does not really exist to the level Marx believed it did. For the most part and all things considered we humans get along pretty good with each other. Until someone shows up and starts convincing us that we are being wronged in some way by other members of our community. They are an infection that spreads like wildfire.

Which is of course what drives the division and tears a community apart. That conflict Marx based his theory on only exists when it is created by the Marxists themselves. We are getting a front-row seat for that S show right now. Not just in America, this is global.

I could never do that, live my life for the sole purpose of destroying what other people spent lifetimes building. Businesses, homes, legacy's and monuments as well in many cases... actual buildings.

Destroying people's lives for no other reason than they do not like what they said, or God forbid they disagree with them. So full of hatred and rage every waking moment of their lives, just waiting for something or someone to hit that hair-trigger and they can act out.

I honestly think people like that must not have a conscience. How could they and still do those things with no more thought than picking their nose?

I do not know about anyone else but I do not want those kinds of people in control of my life or my kids' life etc..

We can not let those kinds of people take control of our lives because we already know what is inevitably going to happen if we do, and we also know who the targets are going to be this time around.

They have made that very clear.

We have 84 days until we stand on the precipice y'all. Make sure you vote, but more importantly vote wisely, in person if possible and vote your own vote.

Mine will be for Donald Trump, for America.

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