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Random Thoughts... On The Border


Are people waking up yet to the fact that the Biden administration has established a full-blown human trafficking operation at our southern border? An operation that is now thanks to Biden's pen both sanctioned and protected by the awesome power of the United States government and fully funded through American tax dollars.

Biden made the announcement that the U.S. would not deport unaccompanied minors. That was the cause. The effect was swift and overwhelming as Mexican cartels jumped at the opportunity Biden had given them. Within no time our border was absolutely inundated with unaccompanied minors right along with all of the adult migrants being dumped at our border by cartel coyotes. A steady stream of hundreds or thousands a day making the cartels several thousand dollars per head.

The primary cargo I am talking about though is children and again, we are talking about smugglers bringing these children, not family.

Let's just stop right there and really think about that. The U.S. border patrol under orders from the Biden administration is knowingly taking custody of unaccompanied children that were brought there by human traffickers. They know that these children are being trafficked and the cartels are making millions everyday smuggling them. But due to Biden's EO the officers' hands are tied, they have to follow orders which means being one more step in the process of smuggling these children (people) into the U.S.

It is a tough call from here because in one sense we are rescuing at least some of these children but by the same action, we are supporting and helping to fund a human trafficking ring run by the cartels, and now sanctioned by our own President. The more children the U.S. takes in the more children the cartels are going to bring because it is all about the money for these people and one cargo is no different than the other. The more cargo you move, the more money you make.

I can not help but wonder how many mothers and fathers are frantically looking for their missing children in south and central America. These are smugglers, criminals who only care about the money so I doubt kidnapping a handful of children here and there to meet a profit quota would place them in a moral dilemma. Especially since most of these countries are places where kidnapping is a business.

The worldwide human trafficking pipelines have existed forever and they were always connected to our southern border as well, but when our immigration laws are actually enforced, we only had a trickle that fell through the cracks. This was especially true during Donald Trumps' administration. He had that border working the way it is supposed to work making it easier for legal immigrants to come to the U.S. and harder for illegals to come here.

Joe Biden has completely flipped that on its head by ending Trumps' immigration policies. Now we have a flood of migrants (and children) being smuggled through the pipelines right into our country. Before, the traffickers had to fund and establish pipelines to get the people to whatever destination in the U.S. they were bound for. Now, thanks to Biden, they only have to get those people to the border and the American taxpayer pays for the government to transport them to their destinations. The cartels are making out like bandits on this Biden fiasco while American citizens foot the bill the cartels used to have to pay, making us accomplices to human trafficking as well.

Let it sink in folks, we are actively participating in human trafficking, that is all there is to it and personally, I am not F-ing happy about it! We are accomplices to human rights violations including slavery. People get smuggled into the U.S. and when they get here they have to work off their debt to the cartels which more than likely involves some other form of criminality like a drug mule, sex slave, etc. and we are delivering them with curbside service to their fate. Who really knows what actually happens to these children as they disappear by the thousands into the U.S. like so many ghosts?

People need to stop ignoring this simply because they do not want to believe it could be true because this is happening, right now at our border, and the Progressive Democrats using Biden as a rubber stamp are behind it.

This is not a right-left issue, this is a humanitarian issue, a personal issue because everyone needs to take a few minutes and ask themselves what they are really supporting here by supporting the Biden administration?

Do you agree with and support child sex trafficking and every other kind of human trafficking including slavery? Because if you support the Biden administration and what they are doing at the border, you are in fact supporting and helping to finance human trafficking, slavery, and child sex trafficking. It's a fact.

Same if you support defunding or eliminating ICE because ICE is the primary law enforcement agency that shuts down child sex trafficking operations and rescues the children. Eliminate ICE and you condemn all of those children being sold into sex slavery. Is that truly who you are as a person, someone who would be OK with that? The answer to that question will define you forever.

It is time for some self-reflection and people need to look into their hearts and think about what they are doing. A well-used way that communists and fascists (authoritarian tyrants) get what they want is by making people believe that they are supporting a good cause, but that cause is just a cover and a recruiting tool to gain all of the support they can to push their own agenda behind the scenes. That is why they have divided everyone up into groups with each one supporting their own good cause, or social justice. The more groups with the more causes mean more people supporting and furthering the communist/fascist' own agenda. It is how they have always operated and their greatest accomplishment is that by the time people realize that they have been used, it is too late to do anything about it.

We are not at that point... yet.

"Simply not knowing the truth is ignorance, knowing the truth and refusing to accept it is stupidity."

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