• Charles H Coutts

Random Thoughts... The Duplicity Of Marxism


The duplicity of Marxism is that nothing is ever what it seems. It hides behind causes gaining followers until they have enough to hijack the cause itself and use it and its supporters to further their own agenda of domination.

If anyone challenges their efforts towards domination they easily twist it into them criticizing or challenging the given cause and not the Marxists themselves. This creates hostility and outrage among the supporters of the cause.

This gives the Marxist human shields that are as clueless as are the wooden and steel shields they represent. They have no idea that their cause has been hijacked, that THEY have been hijacked. They have no clue that what they are supporting and protecting is in reality their own enslavement. That reality check WILL come at some point though. And it will be the most brutal awakening of their lives. It will also likely be too late for them to do anything about it.

The trap has sprung and they have no more freedom, no voice, and no options but to obey or be eliminated.

It is a terrifying thing to think about and it is very difficult to accept that the people you trust to protect and serve you have instead betrayed you for their own benefit.

But we must because denial is surrender. Not just the surrender of our own future but the surrender of generations to come who will live under the brutal yolk of Marxism's spawn. It is them we are truly condemning by our apathy and denial.

We need to get people to understand. They need to stop simply dismissing us as conspiracy theorists and spend some time truly considering the consequences of our being right. What we say is after all based on historical facts concerning what Marxism does to a society. Whether it is socialism, "communism" or fascism, Marxism has ended the lives of over 100 million people, and if we go down that road again...

We know the consequences already, history has recorded them and in the end, we all must make a simple decision. Do we repeat it, or do we end the cycle of oppression now, for good? This is likely to be the only chance we get for generations to come.

The important thing is that we make our decision based on all of the facts, not just what the Marxists themselves choose to tell us are the facts through their endless propaganda, censorship, and yes brainwashing.

Do a little reading on brainwashing just to make sure you really understand what it is, because if you don't understand it you can never recognize the signs of it.

And most of all, start asking questions. If someone tells you that you have to do this... ask why. And then when they give you an answer spend a little time finding out if that answer is supported by fact or opinion. You will find out very quickly if people are lying to you or being truthful.

NOTE: If you are ok with people lying to you then there is no need to go any further in the process.

Yes, this requires a little work on our part but if we are not doing this then someone else is doing our thinking for us. That is a simple fact because if we do not go through the process of looking at both sides and making a decision for ourselves, someone else made that decision and we are simply blindly following it as fact.

If someone truly wants to know the truth there is no amount of work they will not put into finding it.

Others are more than content with their laziness and letting other people do their thinking for them.

In the end, this is the choice we all must make and it will define who we are. Marxism is the deceiver, it lies and manipulates while whispering everything we want to hear in our ears like a dark seducer. With Marxism, nothing is ever what it seems.

"The function of socialism is to raise suffering to a higher level." ~ Norman Mailer

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