• Charles H Coutts

Random Thoughts... Vaccine Passports


If you accept vaccine passports, you are accepting fascism as your new way of life.

I keep telling people that time is running out and that they better pull their heads out of the sand and start paying attention.

Vaccine passports are the last tic of the clock people. When those are implemented nationwide, time is up, it's over.

This push for these vaccine passports will prevent you from doing everything from traveling to buying food unless you allow an experimental non-vaccine to be injected into your body. You will have no choice.

And that will just be the beginning. Once they establish this there will be no end to the injections and we will never know exactly what they are putting into us.

Take the shot or be exiled from society. No home, no food, no medical care, no job unless you stand in line like the guinea pigs we have become and let them inject their experimental poisons into us. This is not a conspiracy theory, they are telling you this themselves if you would just stop talking long enough to really listen to them.

I know that this is a really jagged pill for a lot of people to swallow so they do their best to deny it.

You can not deny this any more people because it is happening right now. If y'all would have just listened from the beginning we would never have reached this point but you didn't, so here we are, facing one of if not the last chance we are going to get to save our country, to save ourselves.

It is not the COVID that everyone needs to be worried about, it has a 99.8% survivability rate and that comes straight from the CDC. And yet people just ignore it and crawl on their knees to submit to the tyranny that is driving this.

What you need to be terrified of is the fact that through your silence and inaction America is an inch away from falling to fascism and socialism. Right now it may be hard to believe because right now, you still have your freedom, but that freedom will be gone and when it is, it will take generations to get it back, IF we ever can.

I have said it many times but I will say it again.

You need to spend at least half as much time that you spend letting your arrogance keep telling us that we are wrong, considering the possibility and consequences for your life if we are right.

We are not heading towards the cliff anymore folks, we are teetering on the edge and it is crumbling under our feet. Those of us who see this are trying our best to warn everyone else but breaking through the wall of arrogance and ignorance is proving a very difficult task.

So we all have to make the same decision, and I have made mine. Are you going to keep your head in the sand and keep telling us we are wrong or are you going to act like an adult and start considering the fate ahead of us by really looking at both sides of this and start listening to people who know more than you do?

And let me just interject something here. I have spent decades following this process and researching the actions behind it as well as studying the process as it unfolded in other countries during the 20th century. And yes, it is the same exact process that was used by Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and every other tyrant of the 20th century and I have been trying to warn people about the path we have been going down for over 30 years.

If you can not say that, then I know more about it than you do and that is not arrogance, it is a fact.

In the end that is what all of this really comes down to.

People are so unwilling to even consider the fact that they might be wrong about something that they will slide right into hell to avoid doing it and they will drag everyone around them down with them.

The death of the greatest nation on earth and the enslavement of its people... that is one hell of a price to pay for arrogance.

The first step in learning the truth in today's world is to come to the realization that the people doing the fact-checking, are the same people doing the lying. ~ Coutts

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