• Charles H Coutts

Stolen Innocence, Stolen Lives. Where is the outrage for them?


The media seems laser focused on keeping black criminals shot by police in the news cycle 24/7, stoking the fires of hatred while spreading disinformation and outright lies.

It is my personal opinion that these precious lives lost to sensless violence by the same kind of criminals the media are portraying as victims deserve to be spoken for.

Where is BLM, where is the outrage in the streets for their lives stolen away before they ever even got to live them?


Thanks to Leonydus Johnson for compiling this list in their thread on Twitter

Miami girl Chassidy Saunders, 6, dies in triple shooting | Miami Herald Shooter Unkown

'Happy and loving' girl killed in shooting had spent the weekend with grandmother learning to bake | News Headlines |

Louisville police: Two dead in shooting that shut down parts of I-264 (

2-year-old boy dies after shooting in western Birmingham -

4-year-old Alabama boy dies after he was struck by stray bullet while in his bed -

Chicago girl Ny'Andrea Dyer, 11, dies 3 weeks after West Pullman gas station shooting - ABC7 Chicago

Joseph Hobbs Celebrated by Family, Friends | News |

17-year-old arrested for murder of 9-year-old Caion Greene | FOX 2 (

Mother mourns 10-year-old daughter killed in Boyle Park shooting; suspects in custody - Arkansas Times (

Child hit by stray bullet at Shreveport motel dies; suspect arrested (

Police name suspect in murder of 8-year-old Treyce Bryant (

Father of Bike-Riding 11-Year-Old Harley Celance killed in Philadelphia Speaks Out – NBC10 Philadelphia (

3-year-old boy killed in Hartford drive-by shooting - New York Daily News (

11-Month-Old Dior Harris Murdered in Syracuse: Police (

Nashville toddler killed in gunfire ID'd as Jamaylah Marlowe (

Family remembers Dexter Fergusson, 7-year-old boy shot and killed, as community calls for end to gun violence (

12-year-old Kansas City boy killed in shooting 'lit up any room' (

7-year-old Jaslyn Adams shot and killed in McDonald's drive-thru in Chicago - CBS News

None of these lives were taken by law abiding gun owners, they were taken by criminals. When is our government going to stop tryng to disarm law abiding gun owners and start seriously finding ways to take guns out of the hands of criminals?

Gun laws do not work because criminals do not obey laws, that is what makes them criminals.

These precious lives are now wrapped in the loving arms of God, safe from the evils of this world.

Thanks to Leonydus Johnson (Twitter Handle) for compiling this list in their thread.

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