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The Harmful And Deadly COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects Were Known To The FDA In 2020


"The evils of tyranny are rarely seen but by him who resists it. ~John Hay

The FDA knew.

They knew from the beginning that all of these side effects including the fatal ones and risks to pregnancy were there for the COVID-19 vaccine(s). (non-specific)

Every side effect that is being reported to VAERS and the U.K. Yellow Card system right now after people get the vaccine was known to the FDA before they gave their approval.

So every time the social media fact-checkers say that these side effects are not from the vaccine(s), they are flat out lying because the FDA knew about them and authorized it anyway.

I understand the risk/benefit analysis but that is not what the concern is here.

The concern is being lied to.

The FDA knew about these horrible side effects and did not warn us about them.


If they knew the risks why would they not tell us about them?

And then when these known side effects start showing up after the vaccine rollouts and people start talking about them, the media propaganda masters and the social media fact-checkers set about trying to silence them through censorship or carefully spun news reports.

Again... WHY?

This is the time that we need to stop with the divisive political BS and start thinking and talking about this.

On Oct. 22, 2020, during an FDA presentation, this slide was put on the screen for no more than a split second before it was scrolled past and for all intents and purposes dismissed. The slide was not even discussed in the presentation. And as you can see, virtually every horrible side effect that has been reported to VAERS and the U.K. Yellow Card system is on this list.

And yet we are being told that they are not connected to the vaccines. WHY?

I don't know about you but I think that this slide should have been discussed at length, but it wasn't, and my question is why? Especially given that the presentation title is "CBER Plans For Monitoring COVID-19 Vaccine Safety And Effectiveness."

Don't you think that the known possible side effects would play a major role in this discussion?

So why were they not?

I mean, did they think that the harm and deaths that could result from these vaccines were simply irrelevant?

Because in my book, human life is NOT irrelevant.

"Now I know there are already people saying "what... I am just supposed to take your word for it?"

That is after all the favorite snide remark of those who refuse to do their own research.

Nope, here is the full 8 plus hour video of that 2020 presentation. You can skip up to 2:33:00 but don't blink or you will miss it.

The presenter even says in the video that he is not going to dwell on the VAERS reporting and the known possible side effects of the vaccines. That information is available at the end of the presentation.

Again, in my thinking, the known possible side effects should be a top priority when discussing the "safety and effectiveness" of ANY type of vaccine or medication.

Call me crazy but...

The side effects slide also appears in the PDF information packet from the Oct. 22, 2020 presentation as well on slide 17. (click image for PDF)

So. While many people are shaking their heads, calling me an anti-vaxxer, and probably trying to rationalize this all in their heads so that it does not contradict what they believe.

The rest of us are going to move on to what I am really writing this piece about... LIES. The stuff above is just background and has actually been available since July of this year.

I myself even posted about this on social media a couple of weeks ago and it was taken down almost immediately as being "false information" which as you can see for yourself... it isn't. This would also be why a lot of people have never heard about it, they are hiding this information, and once again the question we need to be asking is WHY?

From the moment I was able to speak my favorite question in the world has been "Why?" and that has not changed. While people are calling me names, blocking me, censoring me, and dismissing me as a "conspiracy theorist", all I have been trying to do is to get people to ask that simple question. Why?

If the FDA knew ahead of time the harmful side effects why didn't they tell us about the risks? The risk of permanent neurological disorders, the risk of developing heart conditions, the risk of spontaneous abortion or other risks to pregnancy, the risk of death?

Now, as I said above this is not about risk/benefit analysis or anything else medical for that matter, but there will be a lot of people out there who are so trapped with tunnel vision that this is the only way they can see it. And that is how they will try to argue with you is from a medical viewpoint. They will throw statistics at you that they probably do not even understand themselves in many cases but the talking heads on CNN or other propaganda media drive it into their heads all day every day.

This is about being lied to, period. Not medical, political, social beliefs, or anything else...we are being lied to and have been from the beginning of this vaccine rollout and it is past time we raise our voices as one and start demanding answers.

Why were we not told about the known possible side effects before lining up to have this experimental cocktail injected into our bodies?

Why are we being told that the very known possible side effects that are presenting themselves right now after people get these vaccines are not related to the vaccines? We know that they are and so do the people telling us they aren't. They are lying to us.

Every single one of them is on this list from 2020, before the first (public) person was ever injected. They knew and did not tell us.

Lying by omission is still lying.

Why are we being told that we must get this experimental cocktail injected into our bodies to prevent infections and the spread of COVID-19 when Fauci himself said that these vaccines do NOT prevent infection or spread of COVID? This is where those carefully worded reports come into play that is little more than propaganda pieces.

Even the Dr. being interviewed in this clip says that the COVID vaccines are essentially no different than the FLU vaccines. They do NOT prevent infections and therefore they do NOT prevent the spread of COVID either. What they do is POSSIBLY reduce the severity of symptoms.

No one is trying to force people to get FLU shots, are they?

This is not ME saying this, it is Dr. Fauci saying it. The man people have lifted up to damn near the position of a diety which is quite terrifying all on its own because if you question him, or use his own words as I am right now you are branded as a pox on society for lack of a better term.


Why are people listening to this one guy who has been wrong about almost everything he has said while dismissing tens of thousands of highly respected and qualified (many with far more impressive credentials than Fauci) that are warning us that we are being lied to, by Fauci?

And lied to about a lot more than just the vaccines.

The answer is simple. (click image for source)

It is because these people tell them to.

I can hear the scoffs and sneers now but this is a fact because if not for these people (the mainstream media), many of these Fauci followers would not even know who he is. Besides, just ask them and they will tell you themselves where they get their information from.

And now we get to the most serious question that we as a society need to be asking, and we need to be like a pitbull demanding an answer.

Why are they trying so hard to FORCE everyone in the world to get injected with these experimental cocktails by saying that doing so will prevent infections and spread of COVID-19 when we have already established through their own words that none of these vaccines prevent infection or spread of COVID-19?

They are lying to us.

This is where we need to stop the divisive BS the most because this should literally scare the ever-loving hell out of everyone. This is straight-up Nazi tactics and what they are doing violates the Nuremberg Code that was established to make sure that something like that never happens again. But it is, right now.

The mandates for the vaccines are based on a lie, the propaganda telling everyone that getting the vaccine will prevent the spread of COVID-19, is a lie.

We have been lied to from the beginning guys and as I mentioned earlier about a whole lot more than just the vaccines. This is not my opinion, it is not a conspiracy theory, it is a fact and it is provable. Some of those lies I have proved to be lies right here in this writing.

We have been pitted against each other in order for these lies to be established and perpetuated. Those of us who see through it, are dismissed as conspiracy theorists by those who do not see it because the same media perpetuating these lies has convinced them that the lies are true and the truths we speak are the lies. It is literally history being repeated.

Look. There is no shame in getting taken for a ride by people who are masters at the game. It happens all of the time in this world. They know how to use fear to manipulate people because those in power have been doing it from the beginning of human existence. The only thing that has changed is the technology used to do it.

And throughout history, there have been people who see through the manipulation and just like today, they were denounced as conspiracy theorists. The terminology may have changed but the meaning hasn't. They were called liars, charlatans, and a danger to public safety and the common good. In many cases, they were imprisoned, tortured, and killed for speaking out against those in power. They gave their lives trying to warn people of what was really going on at the time.

And now, decades later we can look back and see that they were none of the things they were accused of. They were 100% right and millions of them died simply because the people they were trying to warn would not listen to them, they chose to believe the lies told by the people in power who we now know used fear and then force to manipulate and control them. This is a historical fact.

I am not asking you to take my word for anything, I am asking you to think for yourself. Unplug, put the smartphone down, turn the TV off, get the noise out of your head so that you CAN think.

And then start looking at everything that is going on, let yourself realize that you have been lied to because it is a fact.

And then most of all and this applies to everything... start- asking- questions?

And even more importantly, be very careful where you look for those answers because if you look to the same people that we already know have lied to us all you will find is more lies.

I do not listen to the media. If there is a bill put forth in congress, I read it myself. If there is a study released, I read it myself. If there is a reference to something historical, I read it myself.

And THEN I go and listen to what the media says about it. THAT is how I can determine who is lying to me and it does not take long either. I have kept track of those lies as well and they are very concentrated within specific media. The same media that is calling everyone else liars.

This is our lives we are talking about people, our future, our children and grandchildren's future, and I can only speak for myself but I believe that is worth setting aside any political BS and is worth any amount of time and effort it takes to make absolutely sure I am making the right decisions. And those decisions are going to be based on my own thinking by looking at all information from all sides myself. Not what any talking head on a screen tells me to believe or think.

I do not want people 100 years from now and who knows how many lives lost looking back and saying "they were right all along". History does not repeat itself, ignorant people repeat history.

I will end with a very common-sense fact that it seems a lot of people have forgotten.


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