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Who Am I

All of my blog posts, videos, and PODCAST episodes are my own opinion on the given subject.

Agreeing with me is not a requirement.

In the grand scope of things, I am nobody.

But within the small slice of this universe that is my life, to those I love and rely on, those who love and rely on me, I am the most important person in the world. ~Ghost

Who am I?


I am just me.


I am a realist. And I do mean... I am a realist. I see the world how it is, the good, the bad, and everything in between, not the way I think it should be or may want it to be. Black is black, white is white, 2+2 =4 and there is no such thing as a square circle no matter how many people claim that there is. Majority belief does not create truth.

I also believe in self accountability and taking responsibility for ones words and actions. I have no time for, or interest in playing blame games. 9 times out of ten it is our own decisions that put us in the line of fire, whether it be a good or bad situation. If one is honest with themselves and looks back over things, one will see that I am right. The problem arises for most people when it comes time to admit it to themselves.


This is called in treatment "taking the cold hard look in the mirror". Many people try and fail because the hardest thing one will ever do is to face themselves, and take responsibility for their life. It is far, far easier to blame all of ones shortcomings and failures on someone or something else.

Especially when you have people in authority telling you that that's ok. It is not ok. Its incredibly self-destructive to ones self image whether they realize it or not.

You do not have to have been an addict either, this is simply a great example of how I think. It is also the path I walked during my own struggles with drugs and alcohol so I am speaking from experience. 

In order to truly beat addiction one needs to ground themselves in absolute reality. Trying to escape the cold hard reality of who we really are is what we are actually addicted to, drugs and alcohol are simply a means to an end. That is why so many people fail. One can stop using and get past the physical addiction to the chemicals, that's the easy part.

After that we have a decision to make, fix the real problem, or spend our lives treating a symptom. Which any addict knows is an endless cycle of failure. The problem is that the hardest thing for people to do, is to accept responsibility. To look back and recognize that everything they have gone through can be traced right back to their own decisions. (as with everything else in life there are exceptions to this rule)


One is not a drug addict because society took a giant dump on them, they are a drug addict because they choose to use drugs and alcohol as a way to cope with their own inability to turn their lives around. They have other options, drugs and alcohol are not the only choice it is just the choice they make. That is the reality an addict has to accept before they will ever beat addiction. The fact that they have no one else to blame but themselves.


This is how I think, this is how I see the world around me, and it is the logic I use in my writings. I strip away the emotional attachments and establish truth through what I can prove through verifiable facts and nothing else. The absolute best method of doing this that I have found is to base all of my research and thought processes on cause and effect. Every time something happens it causes an effect that can be seen, measured, and verified by it's very existance. Cause and effect as a bases for data accumulation is as close to incorruptable as we can ever hope to get. It is very hard to manipulate and almost impossible to hide. Which is why I use it and it is also why this is the method of critical thiking that I steer people towards. People can say whatever they want to but they can not hide the consequences of their actions. For example; a new policy gets implimented and there will be a consequence either good or bad that comes from that policy. Cause and effect.   


My motto in life (one of them any way) ...believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear, verify everything.

Am I politically Correct?

No. Political correctness and absolute truth are incompatible.


Am I religious? 

No. I believe in God and have studied many religions. But as a realist I recognize that religions were created by people, for people and are in essence another form of collectivism. Except in certain circumstances like the military where it is necessary, I despise collectivism. I have no problem with anyone's choice of religions. If it gives them hope, and makes their life better, then it is the right thing for them. I have my own belief system, and its the right thing for me. In my mind the fact that people have faith and believe in god at all, is more important then how they do it. Religion has been more divisive to society and culture throughout  human history than even politics has.

Political Party/Affiliation

None. Like religion, I see political parties as just another form of collectivism. Before the great division of 2016 by the Marxists (progressives, globalists and socialists on both sides of the isle) I was a centrist. Now apparently, I am a far right wing conservative since that is the designation for anything right of absolute left today. I actually used to be a democrat before the Marxists took over the party, and  I also considered myself a liberal. But my beliefs were focused on classical liberalism, the teachings of John Locke, Adam Smith, and Voltaire. All people who influenced the writings and thinking of  Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and the other Founding Fathers of the United States who saw the wisdom of a balanced, mixed economy. Having grown up during the cold war I understandably had no interest in Marxism, so I became a republican. I eventually became disenchanted with them as well and settled right square in the middle as a centrist. Too liberal to be a conservative and too conservative to be a liberal.



This is just a basic little bio to give you an idea of who you are reading, how I think, and my methodology in my writings. They are never conclusions, they are my opinion based on the verifiable facts provided in the piece itself. If you disagree with me then debate me. But you better bring more than a bunch of tired old MSM talking points and unverifiable sources/facts with you. I won't even bother otherwise. I may add to this later if people ask me questions, but I have always believed that understanding the writer makes it far easier to understand the writing.

I am not for everyone that's for sure. But that is the great thing about it, you do to have to agree with me on everything to agree with me on some things and that is a two way street. That creates dialogue and from that we can learn from each other and find a common ground.