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April 18, 2020





I see a sly genius behind POTUS giving the go ahead to open the economy back up but leaving the decision in the hands of the Governors.


I mean think about it.


He has essentially put every Governor in the country under the spotlight, and it is we the people who hold that spotlight.


Every states citizens are going to be watching who opens and who does not. I have a feeling that it will be Republican Governors who primarily start to open things up, while many Democrat Governors try to hold onto their communist control over the citizenry. Like Michigan.


Reports are that 29 states are ready to get back to business, right now.


It is going to piss a lot of people off if their Governor stays closed while their neighbor states begin to open and people go back to work, start living their lives again.


They will start demanding their lives be allowed to continue as well, by protest, recalls, and most importantly at the ballot box.


Besides this exposing these Governors as the tyrants that they are, we have commerce.

If one state opens their economy and starts rolling again while a neighboring state stays closed, people are going to try and go to the state that is open to get their goods. All of the money for those goods will be going to another state which will of course have a dire impact on the already struggling economy of the state that is still closed.


The only way to prevent this would be for that Governor to lock down its state borders by force, not letting anyone out, or in.


How do you think THAT is going to go over?


Not to mention I am pretty sure doing so would put that governor at odds with federal law, not just their citizens.


The MSM and Democrats are harping that they made Trump back down on his claim that he has the power to open the country back up despite the governors desires.


Did they really, or is POTUS simply doing what POTUS does?


If we have learned one thing about Donald Trump over the last three plus years it is that he does not change course on things unless he has another plan in the works.


He just threw the ball into the governors court and it will be the governors themselves who by their actions will expose their tyrannical nature by continuing to oppress their citizens.


The media and the commufascist Democrats can try and play the blame game all they want to but the people will know the truth because they will see it for themselves. The only people who will believe them will be their hard core drones who have no mind of their own.


Those who still posses the ability to think for themselves are going to realize the truth and if they are also smart, they will flee the Democrat party in droves.


Of course this is all just my opinion, but it will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

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