Once again, the mainstream media uses a tragedy to twist the truth.

May 31, 2017

          Two men lost their lives, and another seriously wounded when they came to the aid of two girls being harassed, and abused by a man named Jeremy Christian Friday, in Portland Oregon. First, I would like to commend these men for their bravery, they deserve medals in this writers opinion. I would also like to extend my condolences to the families of Rick Best 53 of Happy Valley, and Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche, 23, of Southeast Portland. My prayers go out to 21-year-old Micah David-Cole Fletcher of Southeast Portland for a quick and full recovery. It takes a lot to stand up to an armed man in defense of innocent people, most people in todays world would not have done so, all three of these men are hero's in my book. You can read the full article here: 



           I almost did not write about this subject, out of respect for the family members, I did not want to add to their suffering. The more I thought about it though, I decided that to not write about it, would simply contribute to the behavior of the mainstream media. This type of thing is becoming far too common for my taste, and my silence would in itself make me part of that lie. So, to the families, I truly hope my article does not cause you more pain. That is not my intension.


            Jeremy Christian was by all accounts a very disturbed individual. We can see this through his Facebook posts that have been released through various media sources. It seems pretty clear that this man hated just about everyone, with equal malice, right, left, does not seem to matter to him. However, the mainstream media has once again latched onto a very tragic moment, and immediately twisted it up into a tool to further their own agenda. I can only come to the conclusion that these people simply have no soul. The family members of the two men lost have not even had the chance to bury their loved ones, Micah Fletcher as far as I know is still lying in the hospital recovering. Matters not to these jackals. They claim that Christian is a right-wing extremist and Trump supporter. They obviously did not take the five minutes I did, and take a look at the man's Facebook page. ( you can as well by clicking the hyperlink 8 lines up) 

             Mr. Christian is a self proclaimed Bernie Sanders supporter. ( right-wing extremists do not support Bernie ) He also in one of his posts threatened to kill Donald Trump (and Hillary) if either one of them became president. There are also posts where he "pretends" to be a Trump supporter but makes it clear that he is not. So according to the mainstream media we have a staunch Bernie Sanders supporter who threatened to kill Donald Trump if he is elected--- right-wing extremist Trump supporter? 

               I would consider the idea that they are all mentally ill over there on the left, but fortunately I can see the truth behind the veil. They know full well that they can pretty much print or broadcast anything they want with no accountability. So they do exactly that. They understand the old saying about cats being out of the bag. Once they are out they cause utter chaos and are impossible to put back in. In other words, the damage is done.

               I am a full force wrecking ball against anyone who wishes to trample the first amendment, but I also believe at some point there has to be a line drawn. Knowingly and intentionally feeding the public lies, disinformation, and twisted facts in  order to deliberately mislead them, should be on the wrong side of that line. Plain and simple, no one is standing up against them ( meaning us, the American people ) so they just keep on doing it.

              I know I have heard a lot from the right about not stooping to their level of boycotts, petitions, lawsuits etc. but I disagree. I am also of the opinion that those on the right are simply too weak and scared to stand up and fight them. So who do we turn to if the people who are supposed to be protecting us from things like this won't? We turn to ourselves. We fight fire with fire.

              What is the quickest way to effect change in people? You start messing with their money. Stop watching them on TV, their ratings drop, they lose money. Stop buying their printed material, magazines, newspapers, etc. their profits take a nose dive. The same goes with these obnoxious celebrities, stop buying their products, movies, music, videos etc. It will not take very long for them to feel the effects of those actions, and they are going to go screeching to the far left politicians to stop us from doing this horrible thing. Those politicians will have their own problems however. Petitions, lawsuits, phone calls that black out the switchboard, email overloaded systems. This is how we fight back.

              Sounds good, sounds empowering right? Yes, it does. We still have the same problem though. We still have to get people to set down the beer or pie, get off the couch and get involved.

              That will be the hardest thing to do.  










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