Declaration of War?

June 30, 2017

         The NRA (national rifle association) released an ad a few months ago that features Dana Loesch, and since it was re-posted and going viral on Facebook recently, the left have absolutely lost their minds over it (no big surprise there). A little bit of a delayed reaction on the lefts part, but they are making up for it.The ad is being called a "declaration of war". If you have not seen the ad yet, you can watch it here.

            HMMM, " to fight this violence of lies with the clenched fist of truth...". That is the phrase that seems to have the left all running for cover thinking gun owners across the country are now going to start shooting liberals. It seems to me that it was not that long ago that a liberal actually DID shoot and try to kill republicans. How exactly they came to that conclusion from what Dana says in this ad seems to be beyond my ability to grasp, of course I am not a paranoid, thin skinned snowflake either. If they think this is a "Declaration of War" or "Call to Violence", what exactly would they call these little tidbits?













   It seems to me that once again the left is screeching foul over a PERCEIVED threat while their own people are in the streets committing acts of violence. Celebrities like Snoop Dogg (or whatever he calls himself now) who murders a clown dressed as Donald Trump in a music video, or Bow Wow who threatened to put Melania Trump on the streets and "pimp" her, are some how NOT inciting violence to the left? Lets make that real clear here. This punk rapper threatens to take our first lady Melania, who as far as I know has not said a negative word about anyone, and force her to become a sex slave. And the left is ok with that? We have seen mock assassinations of our duly elected president, attacks on those who support him, cries from the left to escalate violence in the streets, and the militant leftist group ANTIFA has openly called for murder and mayhem against anyone who disagrees with the liberal ideology. That's all perfectly ok to these nut jobs who are threatening secession if they do not get their way.

          These are the actions of people who ARE trying to start a second American civil war, yet the NRA video above is considered a "Declaration of War" by these same people? The blatant hypocrisy here is astounding, and in my opinion shows that the left as a whole, seems to have suffered a complete psychotic break with reality. I guess what just boggles my mind about all of this. Is that we the people who voted for and support Trump are the ones who are at the greatest risk of violence being perpetrated against us, yet we are called the dangerous people. The ones to be feared. God, I feel like I am living in some alternative universe where everything is pliable and reality can be manufactured on a whim. It truly is insanity.





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