The "Economic Migrant", A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing...

July 22, 2017



     According to a September 2015 article by, only one in every five migrants claiming asylum in Europe was from Syria. The EU logged 213,000 arrivals in a three month period in 2015, but only 44,000 of them were fleeing the Syrian civil war. Now of course those on the left continue the lie that the vast majority of migrants are from the war-torn state of Syria, accusing the Government of doing too little to help these people fleeing the horrors and atrocities in their country. That is after all the backbone of the lefts argument for taking these people in, they are fleeing for their very lives from Assad's tyranny. That backbone shatters, and collapses when you take these numbers which basically tell us that 4 out of 5 people flooding into Europe are actually invaders called "Economic Migrants".


"This exposes the lie peddled in some quarters that vast numbers of those reaching Europe are from Syria".


David Davies, Tory MP for Monmouth 



      What is an economic migrant? The left like to paint these people as a modern version of the "migrant worker". Some of the thousands of non-refugee people migrating to Europe, would certainly fall into this category.

They are looking for work so that they can build a better life for them and their family. This October, 2015 article by Eduardo González, Jr., (State Diversity Specialist, Cornell University Cooperative Extension Farm workers in United States) explains in detail what a migrant worker is, as well as showing some useful demographics. These people's ultimate goal is to return to their home country with enough money to improve their family's living standards. Illegal as this may be, it is a very understandable course of action. What sane person would not do anything they can to feed their children? These workers (illegal or legal) are a major part of many countries agricultural industry, including our own. Meaning even if they are illegal, they are contributing to that nations economy through their work. Economic migrants are a different breed.


       Where as migrant workers move from place to place seeking employment with the ultimate goal of eventually returning home, economic migrants move from place to place with the expressed purpose of taking advantage of social services offered by the more wealthy and liberal countrys of the world. In a nut shell, they are thieves. These people insert themselves into the refugee population, and seek asylum status in countries they know will offer them the most free services. Food, housing, clothing, medical services, all paid for by that countries citizens, and doled out to these invaders by the government. Many times the citizens of these countries are displaced or coerced by the government in order to house these people. A very good example of this is Germany seizing private property in order to house "Syrian Refugees".

Original source article" (in German)  

English source:


        According to Frans Timmerman, vice-president of the European Commission, 60% of those seeking asylum status are economic migrants, not refugees fleeing war torn countries like Iraq, and Syria.


“More than half of the people now coming to Europe come from countries where you can assume they have no reason whatsoever to ask for refugee status… more than half, 60 percent,”


He goes on to say:


"...these false refugees are mostly aspiring settlers from Morocco and Tunisia and are infiltrating Europe through porous Turkish borders in pursuit of better economic prospects."


            Even though Timmerman calls on European countries to:


"...accelerate the deportation procedure for those who pretend to be fleeing war or persecution..."


 He is adamantly against any country closing its borders. I do not know about you, but that seems just a little paradoxical to me. Would it not be a more effective method of control to keep them out of your country in the first place, instead of shelling out the time and expense of deporting them? One of the problems with this leads us once again to the left's disinformation machine. In the mainstream media, the term "refugee" and "migrant" are interchangeable to the point of the two terms having the same meaning. They do not, as explained in this UNHCR ('United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees' ) July, 2016 article by Adrian Edwards. Laws for dealing with each of these designations are very different, so lumping everyone under the refugee status will invariably cause some big problems for the countries government, and its ability to distinguish between the two. The result is of course what we see today, a completely ineffective immigration control system where the majority of people seeking asylum are not refugees, but economic migrants.


          The extent of this issue is punctuated in this February 2016 article by Nick Cohen at Where he speaks about his visit to the refugee camp outside of Calais France in 2015. In his article he states that even though French volunteers claimed their presence, he was unable to find even one Syrian refugee among the estimated 3,000 people who inhabited "the jungle". Also according to this article, in 2014 true asylum seekers only accounted for a measly 8% of the total number of people migrating. This number is verified by The Migration Observatory's July 2016 report that sets this number at 7% for true asylum seekers. Given that, we can add credence to both the 60% estimate of non-refugee asylum seekers, as well as the estimate of four out five asylum seekers being economic migrants, not true refugees.


      This means that the majority of humanitarian efforts being paid for by European countries citizens, through taxes, are being used to better the lives of people who have no legitimate claim to those resources. This of course means less resources are making it to the people they are meant for.


      So far I have not found any reliable reports of this issue in the United States, but common sense would dictate that the same thing is happening here. Our government is giving millions of dollars of our hard earned money to these economic migrants, that is meant to aid actual refugees fleeing to escape suffering and death in their own countries. This is one of the reasons President Trump is trying so hard to institute more effective vetting procedures for those seeking asylum in our country. He wants to weed out these economic migrants so that our resources can be used to help those who truly need it. The left of course is doing everything in their power to prevent this from happening, because they benefit from this influx of non-refugee migrants. This comes in the form of a growing democrat voting base, as well as massive amounts of money being donated to the party by supporters.




        Terrorists infiltrating our country posing as refugees is probably the greatest threat to our country's safety, but these economic migrants are the greatest threat to our economy. They are parasites who not only drain our resources while giving nothing back, they blatantly steal those resources from the very people who need them the most, true refugees who's lives have been torn apart by war, those with no hope except the generosity of countries willing to help them. It is not as if these true refugees do not have a hard enough life, without these thieves coming along and taking advantage of woefully inadequate immigration systems to steal the very food from their children's mouths.  









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