So Let Me Respond...

September 4, 2017





    I have caught a little flak in some of the groups I post in after I posted  this article. Not over its content, but over my stating that "I have never been against it". This includes being called a "closet liberal" or "fake conservative" because I would dare say such a thing.


    I guess first I should explain something. 


    I do not let political ideologies drive my decisions, I look at both sides of a situation, weigh the facts, compare the pro's and con's, look at every angle. In other words, I think for myself, always have, always will. So before anyone slaps a label on me, because I do not blindly follow the herd. Take a look at my reasoning on this issue. Then decide.


    As with everything else in todays world, politics has twisted this issue into a debate over the rights of same sex couples to raise children through adoption. Many condemn it on questions of morality based not on their ABILITY to raise children, but on their sexual preferences. Both sides start screaming at each other, bills are written, congress debates, policy is created, and courts hand down decisions. Years of bureaucracy ensues, and nothing actually gets accomplished. 


    I had to step away from all of that because none of it, is what this is truly about. This is supposed to be about the child, not about who can win a political pissing contest.


    According to this 2014 report by Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System (AFCARS), for that fiscal year 415,129 children were in the U.S. foster care system, either placed or held in institutions. Common estimates are around 120,000 children are adopted each year, leaving the rest waiting, or eventually aging out of the system. Most of those aging out will have no type of family support behind them, and are woefully unprepared for what's ahead of them.

    So, what's really more important here? That a child gets the chance to grow up in a stable environment with people who truly care about them, (instead of being bounced from home to home where people are paid to care for them) or the sexual preferences of the people providing that chance to children world wide? For me, the welfare of the child should be the primary focus, not political ideology.

    That is why I stated in my post that "I hope this is the beginning of a data flow" on this issue. That data will show if children raised by same sex couples suffer any detrimental effects, compared to those raised by a traditional family unit.


     I for one hope that it does not show any.   


     Because if it does not, it will become easier for these forgotten children to have a chance at a better life. The only way to get this information is through real time analysis, and the resulting raw data. Either way it falls, that is what I will base my beliefs on. Not my own personal opinion, or other peoples opinion.


     Too many issues of simple humanity in our country, have been politicized to the point of losing the original meaning of it all. Its the great  contradiction where those meant to be helped, become the ones most harmed, while screaming politicians rake in millions for their party through donations. How much of that money do you think goes towards improving the foster care system in our country, compared to what is spent on keeping this issue politicized, to further their own agenda? That means right, left, or anywhere in between who put politics over the child's best interest.


    Personally, I can not justify within my own mind any reason to rob a child of any chance, at a full and happy life. Especially given the alternative life that may await them. Same sex couples are a part of our society, they are not going to suddenly go away because someone wants them to, and they are not all like the ones you see parading on the evening news. If they can pass the same qualifications check as a traditional family looking to adopt, the outcome is that a child who may grow up in an institution, gets to instead grow up in a home, with a family that loves and cares about them.


     Pardon me if I can not find a downside to that situation.


    Does that make me a closet liberal, a fake conservative, or a human being? All I am saying is ask yourself a very simple series of questions.


    If you see a child in need, is your first thought about their color, their possible sexual orientation, their political beliefs, or gender? Are you thinking about what the impact to your life helping this child will be? Or do you just help the child because it is the right thing to do as a human being? I truly hope that more people identify with the latter than the former, or we are truly lost as a nation. Its over.


    In a final word. Being a conservative is not a political identity for me. It is an evaluation of my own moral and ethical standards. I believe half of what I see, and none of what I hear. You want me to buy what you are selling, you better have some pretty good proof to back it up, or I'm going to send you down the road. Will not lose a seconds sleep over it. I just told you who I am, So who are you?


    That is the ultimate question after all is it not. Are you one who follows the herd (no matter what side it follows), or are you one who cuts through the bullshit, and wants to deal with the real issues? Only you can answer that question. And only you can decide who you choose to be. Make no mistake, you will eventually have to live with those decisions, and they may come back to haunt you in a very big way.


     "There is only one true reality, and it is not written by those in power, or by the ones who succumb to their will. It is written through the suffering of those who live every day of their lives waiting for someone else to decide their fate... Ghost 






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