Some Insight Into How I See Things, and What My Writing is About

December 18, 2017










Hello everyone.


I am going to dive right in here and not take up too much of your time. I hope by reading this some may gain a clearer understanding of me, my writing, and its purpose. I am not a mean person, I simply live in a world of cold hard facts, and that can make me come across as cold and hard. 




My writings are an expression of how I see the world around me, the people in it, and what those people are doing. Past and present. I see all of this through the eyes of a realist, meaning I compartmentalize everything down to only what I need to identify, analyze, and develop a solution (or answer) to any given issue. Opinion, interpretations, perceptions, and collective ideology are of no value to me because they are counterproductive to my end goal. Since I remove these things from the equation, I am also removing the strong emotions attached to the subject matter. This in no way invalidates these emotions or their value to the subject, they simply are not relevant for my purposes at the time. I keep them in their own compartment until I do need them, otherwise, that's where they stay 


Think about it like this.


Say you need to spell the word TOP. There are 26 letters in the alphabet but you only need to concern yourself with three of them T, O, P. For the given situation, even though the rest of the alphabet letters make up a whole that is necessary for the parts (selected letters), they are irrelevant. IF you try to think about all of the letters at once, your goal of spelling the word TOP would be almost impossible.


The T- O- P would represent the different paths of information I need to acquire and focus on for my research to root out the facts (what can I prove happened, or was said). The rest of the alphabet letters make up the opinion, interpretations, perceptions, collective ideology and emotions mentioned above. I call this barrier to the truth THE NOISE, and I prefer to stay out of it because I am only interested in the truth as it manifests in absolute reality. 


All of the above include the hardest opinion of all to set aside, my own. To minimize my own beliefs influence on my view point, I have a rather unique way of doing my research.


First, I write out the entire piece based strictly on my own beliefs and personal opinions. Then I try to tear it to pieces. In other words, I focus my research on trying to disprove my beliefs rather than to prove them. Things become REAL CLEAR... REAL FAST when doing this and let me tell you, I have eaten a lot of crow in the process. I am 100% ok with that though since my ultimate goal is the absolute truth. If I am wrong, I am wrong, its as simple as that. The same applies if I am right.


Am I Politically Correct?


Being that I focus on the truth, my writing can be (although not intentionally) quite offensive to some people. I do not water things down, sugar coat, or coddle feelings. I am blunt, straight forward, and brutally honest, much like the truth itself.


Now my next comment may sting a bit to some, but every word I say is backed up by science. I am not going to go into all of that here though because I plan on picking apart political correctness all on its own in the near future. 


Being a realist, I recognize that if some people are strongly offended by the truth, and lack the coping skills to get over it, well, that's their problem isn't it, not mine. The only person accountable for ones thoughts and actions is the person themselves. Beyond the momentary natural anger response to hearing or seeing something we do not like, being offended is a choice. So that monkey rides our own backs, no one else's.


I mean lets face it people, absolute truth is not exactly compatible with political correctness. In fact, absolute truth could be called the anti-political correctness. Which I guess would certainly classify me as being politically incorrect since the truth is more important to me than whether or not someone likes it. 

Personally, I see political correctness as nothing more than an attempt to silence the truth by eliminating free speech. Its a tactic. 


We have had a system in place my entire life that minimizes the chances of us offending each other if we practice it, its called the golden rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


Treat people with respect, and nine out of ten times they will treat you with respect in return. We can see this in practice every day in our lives, we just have to watch.


The difference between the golden rule and political correctness is that the former is based on people being responsible for their own actions and words. The latter, allows people to blame their actions and words on someone else. The whole "the devil made me do it" excuse does not fly with me at all. And here's why.


People say things to me all of the time that I may not like to hear, they offend me. Immediately after that happens, I make a decision whether I am going to get over that anger, or let it consume me. If I choose the latter, everything that comes out of that decision is on me, I own it, no one else.

Being offended is a natural response we all experience. Staying offended and letting it become a problem, is a choice.


There comes a time when we all just need to get the hell over shit and move on. Political correctness and its sidekick identity politics are one hundred percent counterproductive to that ever happening, because the division they create is self perpetuating.


My Mind, and Examples of How I Think


Me? I do not have any fancy letters after my name like PHD or anything. I am an industrial maintenance mechanic that works at one of the last privately owned international corporations in the world. I am the working class. I guess you could call me a blue collar philosopher.


Early on in life, I developed an intense interest in philosophy, history, and psychology. I am absolutely fascinated with human behavior and have studied all aspects of it for most of my adult life, so you will find a bunch of it interwoven into my writings. 


That is after all what EVERYTHING is about, people and their behavior. It does not matter one iota what the problem or issue may be either (barring natural events of course), people are responsible for causing it, and people have to fix it. As a whole every single problem we humans have to deal with is self inflicted, all of them.


Don't believe me? Ask yourself this simple question. Would any of these problems exist at all if there were no people? The answer is no, they would not. 


This would be one of those absolute truths that I hear so many people say now days do not exist. If there is one...there are always more! Like death. There really are not any alternative facts to be found about our friend death, he comes to call, someone goes bye, bye, and the world goes on without them. It happens every minute of every day. Absolute reality.


This is how I see the world, this is how I think, and that of course comes out in my writing in many different ways depending on who is reading it. Just try and remember that wherever you may fall in this spectrum, I never set out with any intent to offend any one, but I can't change the truth just to avoid doing so either, that would be creating disinformation.


Collectivism is also not compatible with the truth in my mind because it by definition creates an alternative reality based on what that collectives members believe. Since I do not believe in collectivism except in certain circumstances like the military, I do not adhere to any political party. I am not a liberal or a conservative. I prefer to integrate the best sociological aspects of both philosophies into my thinking, and leave the politics out of it. That's what I mean by compartmentalizing things. Liberalism and conservatism are intrinsically connected to politics but they are all still individual concepts that can be utilized in any combination or exclusion of the others. They are not joined at the hip so to speak. In order to really understand how they work together, we have to understand each according to their own merits.  


There are always two sides to every story and only listening to one of them means one only has half of the information needed to form a rational conclusion. Critical thinking is impossible unless we recognize the validity of the opposing view, and incorporate it into our decision making process. To do otherwise would be basing that decision on our perception of reality, not on actual realty. We have to take that final step in the process for perception to truly become reality, by putting those perceptions into PERSPECTIVE by challenging them with the opposing view. What ever is left after this process will be the absolute truth, or true reality. That is the process of critical thinking, and that is the world that I live in. The world below the chaotic noise I mentioned earlier. For the most part, I have no emotional connection to the subject matter I write about, I am just pulling a thread to see where it goes and my writings are an account of what I find.


My Writing


In my writing I focus on the topic at hand, only bringing in peripheral subject matter when its absolutely necessary to do so. (remember the TOP) It is all relevant since everything is tied together in one way or another, but since I do a lot of work on the basis of time lines, these other topics are not necessary. In most cases diverting onto these other paths only serves to complicate things. My goal is just the opposite. I try to take complicated subject matter and make it easier to understand by decluttering it as much as possible.


The links and videos provided in my writing are integral parts of the over all story, they fill in a lot of blanks for me as a way to minimize what could be a 500 page book, into something that's only a few thousand words long. I do my best to make my point clear outside of these, but they really help in forming a deeper understanding of the events and the people involved so I highly recommend utilizing them. Since I write all of this stuff during the research process my work has often been compared to that of a study guide. Not real sure I agree with that, but it is a good way to look at it since basically the reader is following me through my own research process. 


How Did All of This Start


Look. I don't claim to have all the answers, I am no guru and I don't claim to be an expert or anything either. My writings were originally nothing more than a written record of my personal research projects, interspersed with my own commentary and footnotes. I had enough people tell me that I should start a blog and let other people read my stuff that I eventually did just that, about a year ago. So, I am still pretty new to this and need to refine my style and writing skill. I have a lot of work to do towards finding an equilibrium between how I deliver my message, and my conviction towards never compromising the truth.


How exactly does one accomplish this in a world where speaking the truth earns you little more than a dump truck load of nasty labels FROM BOTH DIRECTIONS? (Political Correctness at work)




This is were you, the reader, becomes my most valuable asset as a new writer. Your feedback will guide me towards improving my skill, and making me a more effective communicator. 


Two things to understand about me though.


1) I am no snowflake. Constructive criticism does not offend me, I see it as an opportunity to improve myself as long as it is valid. If you find something that I am wrong about, or any inaccuracies in my work, bring them to my attention. However, before doing so keep in mind that you better bring me more than just a bunch of worn out talking points and opinion based rhetoric, otherwise I am going to simply send you down the road man. This is research to me and I take it seriously, so if anyone can aid me in that task by showing me proof that I am wrong, or add to what I know, I consider that to be just another step in the process of getting to the facts. Besides, realists are some of the hardest people on earth to offend.


2) I am a mirror. You get from me, what you give me. Treat me with respect and common decency, I will treat you the same way. Come at me with a bunch of attitude, being a dumbass, then that's exactly how I am going to treat you. Fair enough?


In conclusion


With some exceptions, my writings are compartmentalized sections of an ongoing research project, they are not conclusions unto themselves. I choose a subject, such as Political correctness, and I pull the thread until it ends. If everything everyone believes about it turns out to be true, that's what I say. If not, I go about the process of setting the record straight according to the facts I find.


Again, there are exceptions, but for the most part, I have no emotions invested in any of my research. I honestly could care less WHO is right or wrong about anything, I just want to find the truth. Essentially, things like racism, sexism, or any of the thousands of phobia's everyone developed recently have no value in my research, and the more someone tries to apply them to my writing, the harder it will be to understand. My motto for The Ugly Truth Project is "Step Away from The Noise". You cannot find the truth amid all of that chaos and disinformation, its just not possible. Every time I research, I step away from that noise and focus entirely on what the truth is as far as I can prove it. That means that for the reader to really understand where I am coming from, they would have to do the same thing. That is the ultimate goal of my writing to begin with, to get people to start thinking for themselves again instead of simply following the lead of the loudest voice.


Anyone who can step away from the noise and free their minds of the distraction, are the people I am building The Ugly Truth Project for. As a rule we nonconformists, free thinkers, and seekers of the truth are outcasts within our society. If we join together we have a much better chance of finding and exposing the truth being buried under the right side, left side division. You have the right, you have the left. Neither one of them is right because both twist the truth to fit their own ideology. Between them, away from the disinformation and outright lies of political maneuvering, is where we find the truth. If your interested in joining my quest for the truth drop a post in one of the forums I have put on this website, or visit one of my face book pages. The Ugly Truth Project, or The Ugly Americans and post there. I am in the middle of doing some restructuring so be patient if it takes a minute for me to post a response.


Take a chance man, join me in the middle of the road where actual reality exists, away from the noise. You can always take one step right or left and be back in the chaos, so what have you got to lose?




One mind and two hands can build a foundation, but it takes many minds, and many hands to build all that will stand upon it...   Ghost





















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