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January 30, 2018





I love that term multiculturalism. Here in the U.S., the left loves to throw that word around saying we need to be more multicultural like Europe.


Does the term MULTI-culturalism even apply when there is only one other culture being introduced to countries all around the world today?


We already know that Islam does not integrate into other cultures or religions, it assimilates them through any means necessary, usually by force. 


We also know that not all of these people are evil, nor are they all to blame for the violence that follows them. Muslims have been living peacefully among us for a very long time. Islam however dictates a penalty of death for those who fail to adhere to sharia law. Not much of a choice for these people as far as I can see. Support Islam or die. We also know that rape and pedophilia are permitted under sharia law, (the prophets  wife 'A'isha  was 6 years old. Apparently he had the decency of waiting until she was 9 years old before consummation though. So is lying if it helps spread the domination of Islam. We have heard many Muslims say this many times.


Any sane person should be asking (no demanding an answer) as to why the governments of these countries would import mass numbers of people like this and dump them into unsuspecting communities of their own citizens. The citizens were not asked, the government simply dumps these people on their doorsteps with no job, they cannot really communicate, and in many cases they displace citizens in the process in order to house these people. Including essentially evicting entire villages, I mean do you really think that the native citizens are going to be able to stay after this?


What could possibly go wrong?


The true insanity of multiculturalism is that once the government dumps these people into a community they immediately create a minority population which means under multiculturalism they need to have special protections. This in turn causes the pre existing population to become the face of the oppressor even though they had no choice in the matter. Conflict will be the result. That conflict is 100% avoidable by not sending the people there in the first place, and is also 100% unavoidable once you do. No one needs a PHD to figure that out either, just a little common sense.


So lets take a look at some of the negative effects of this mass Muslim migration into EU countries, how the media and the government try to cover up the truth, and what the migrants themselves have to say. I tried my best to only use media from the country itself so there are a lot of sub titles. I like to hear things from the horses mouth myself. I have started each bloc with a video of each country's most beautiful places and landmarks because we have witnessed first hand how Islamists treat other peoples cultural and religious symbols. Many of these historic icons would cease to exist. Just because the media refuses to report these incidents and issues, it does not mean they do not exist. 


























Between the years 2004 - 2012 Sweden's doors were open to Muslim "refugees" from countries like Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq. (The majority of these being male by the countries own records) I think these coinciding statistics show a pretty negative result of doing so. I do not believe in coincidence. Let that sink in American women.



























Now, I am not the smartest person in the world, but I am not the dumbest either. If a country has a mass of people from another country LITERALLY beating down their gates with a battering ram, that's called a freaking invasion is it not? German media cleverly twisted this event to hide the truth.




















In just 4 years, between 2012 _ 2016 France has been rocked by no less than 16 terror attacks that have been linked to islamists. 4 years that coincide with their bringing in thousands of "refugees" from Muslim countries. Again, I do not believe in coincidence.


The UK








































I think that from what we have seen so far, we just might want to start paying some serious attention to what that man just said. Would you not agree?
















I did not really think any of us would need sub titles for that clip, its pretty self explanatory, and pretty powerful in my opinion. 


The story is the same no matter what country you look at that the government has forced this mass Muslim migration onto their citizens. The talking heads on the main stream media here in the US would have us believe that most of these people are families fleeing wore torn Syria. But according to reports from these countries themselves the male to female ratio is very skewed with an average of 70% being young males, and not from Syria. The most common point of origin seems to be places like Somalia, Afghanistan, and Iraq. They are also not all refugees, estimates hover around 60% and higher depending on the country that the majority of these people are instead economic migrants who piggy back the wave of actual refugees seeking the country that will offer them the best social welfare opportunities.


Now, I have had my fill of bleeding heart naïve people living in such a state of denial that they believe this will never happen in the United States. Our government would never allow it to happen. 


Consider this your wake up call because it already is happening and has been for decades. And parts of our own government are behind it.


The United States
























As with every other country it is the far left globalist element (progressives/Marxists) that allows all of this to happen in the name of political correctness, as we the citizens of these countries that have the honor (according to the left) to accept these people who have no interest in integrating into our society. They believe that we must integrate into theirs even though we allowed them into our country as an expression of our willingness to aid them. The videos above clearly give witness to how many of these people repay our kindness.


Now lets get this straight people, this is not an issue of racism, because well, Islam simply is not a race, its a political ideology hidden within a religion. Therefore being a Muslim is not a racial identity, because there are Muslims of all races. If you are going to throw hate filled labels around, at least be smart enough to pick one that can actually be applied to the issue. This is an issue of cultural and national self preservation. All across this world national cultures are being systematically erased by the spread of Islam. Its past time people, we seriously need to pull our head out of our asses and start fighting back because the simple fact is we are running out of time. The point of no return is right around the corner. Many of the countries mentioned above are literally on the verge of civil war due to this forced (false) integration.


I am not sure what those in Europe whos government has already betrayed them can do, (other than civil war) but here in the United States we still have the power to keep our government from betraying us even though that power is quickly being eliminated. The United States is the last free country in the world. We fall, its game over, our society and culture will be erased forever, all of those fleeing Islam's spread will have no safe haven left to come to. 


My fellow American citizens, the greatest weapon currently being used against us is the same weapon used to bring the countries above to the brink of their own cultural and national demise. Our own apathy. Places like Sweden where its citizens were so nonchalant about their government passing laws that systematically eliminated their individual rights, such as strict censorship of the media. (sound familiar?) Now they are all but powerless to prevent their culture from being stripped away because they relinquished their rights in the name of political correctness. 


This final short documentary film about Islam in the UK is focused on women, but the undercover video of what is being taught in UK's mosques have messages for just about everyone.


Its time to stop listening to celebrities, politicians, and all of these people who have been educated to mislead and deceive. (By their own admission I might add) We need to listen to what these people themselves are saying behind the theatrics in the media, and PAY ATTENTION to what they are actually saying. As always though we all have to decide what we choose to believe. At the very least, this work should cause people to realize that many of those things that we get erroneously labeled as racists for believing about Islam are actually true.


Straight from the horses mouth.




Now listen to a woman from Germany who is actually living in this nightmare called multiculturalism. 






Step away from the noise.






























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