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I have been seeing more and more of this name popping up lately as a source in posts all around Facebook and elsewhere.  


I have my own opinion of Snopes as does most every one else I talk to. I have seen things that are dead on, and some things that made me raise an eye brow, but I do not trust them within a country mile of politics man. A simple look into the background of this small outfits founders and writers leaves no doubt whatsoever that they are far left establishment liberals.


Barbara and David Mikkelson, the founders of are well known far left supporters to anyone who is not joined umbilically to the main stream media. The fact that there is not currently and never has been a conservative work for them (that I have been able to find anyway) is pretty telling in itself. If you only hire people that toe the same ideological line that you do, you are by DEFINITION biased against the other side. And who do they get to champion the fact that they are indeed NOT a biased media company?, who are part of the unquestionably biased New York Times network.That's like using China's president Xi Jinping to verify that Mao Tse-tung was not a brutal dictator. has an even worse record than in many peoples opinion, including my own. 


As a  rule I never trust anyone's information but my own, meaning I verify everything. One of my main motto's in life pretty much says it all.


"Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear."  


Now the slippery devils over on the left like to doublespeak and manipulate the facts for their own benefit. This is no secret, they have been caught red handed at it many times. So its no surprise that they seem to have no concept of lying by omission being a bad thing to do.


This is what I personally have seen most from since they first hit my radar, they omit information they deem harmful to the narrative they are pushing, which is of course as far left as you can get. They also throw "Red Herrings" everywhere to mislead and confuse the reader.


How they hit my radar.


I was looking into some shady crap in 2016 that actually dates back to around 2012 going on with then Sec. of State John Kerry, and his daughter Vanessa. It seemed he was funneling millions through the Peace Corps into a non profit established by his the tune of around 9 million dollars.


But what matters now is not that case itself, you will read about it anyway once you read the articles involved. What focused my attention on was that they just happened to write a fact checking piece about an article on something I was currently using in my own research. (bad timing for them, or destiny?) And since that was the case, I was immediately able to spot the inaccuracies within the article. They would not have been more obvious if they were highlighted for me.


Here is the fact check article by on the Daily Caller article about John Kerry allegedly funneling tax payer money to his daughter through the Peace Corps. You will have to judge for yourself but the article based on my own knowledge of the issue is disinformation at best. 


Now as it turns out I did not end up writing a piece on the Kerry's questionable funneling of tax payer dollars but I never forgot about that Snopes article. Then came December of 2016 and I find an article by the Daily Caller that laid out everything that I saw wrong with the article in which they basically try to discredit the Daily Callers previous article on the Kerry's.


Why would they do that if they were not trying to spread disinformation (which is a lie by the way) and try to cover for the Kerry's who we all know are progressives, or Marxists/communists. I do not know why we do not just call these people what they are... their communists.


Now the thing is with all of this is that it is ultimately going to come down to what we as individuals choose to believe. I can talk until I am blue in the face and present mountains of evidence that prove my point beyond all challenges. But if someone does not WANT to believe it, they never will and continuing to try and convince them is a waste of valuable time.


Besides, those people are NOT our target audience.


So I am going to let the December Daily Caller article explain everything in detail because honestly, they do a damn good job of it.


As I said, there are going to be people that do not see things the way that I do and I am not going to argue this crap out with anyone either. Given this situation and other reports I have seen and verified for myself, my mind is made up that can not be trusted as a source, I will not use them. 


Not for politics anyway. 


That's my opinion of based on my own experiences with them. Take it for what you will but I wrote this because I have seen many people question if is a reliable source or not.


Well, that depends on what you are trying to accomplish does it not?






















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