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Good morning everyone!



Unfortunately I have still not been able to set up for video yet but Y'all have probably noticed a few of these (memes?) I am not sure what they would be called but they are an example of what any one of us can do to help stop the spread of lies and fake news on the internet.


Just make damn sure you are right before you post it. We have to be part of the solution, not the problem.


You can pack a whole lot of information into that rectangle and you do not need any special skills or software to do it. All of the ones I have posted were made entirely with MS paint and photos. Standard programs (still?) on all Windows computers. (Sorry, I am unfamiliar with the MAC platform) Cut/screenshot, paste, resize, and describe it. That's about it and the liars spreading fake news throughout the internet get exposed.


Because those are our main targets, not the MSM, but the independent online social media sources (like the person named by Twitchy in this post who think they are going to make themselves rich by tearing our country apart.)  


SHARE FIRST, VERIFY LATER! Yep, that is someone we want to shut down. 


These are the people who are truly SPREADING these lies, and social media is the tool. Our purpose is not to preach to the choir, we need to reach the younger people and their noses are not buried in a TV set anymore, they are buried in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.. That is where the tail end millennials, and the first wave gen z get their news.


So as I mentioned in an earlier announcement that I am splitting my pages up and this is why.


I am not talking about playing nice here y'all,  I am not exactly the passive type and I have a plan. The thing is I can not really do it by myself which is one of the reasons I started this project in the first place. I hope to build a community, or maybe you could call it an army depending on how you look at it of people who like me, are sick and tired of watching the truth get twisted and corrupted simply to push a Marxist agenda that will destroy America as we know it.


I am not prepared to stand by and let that happen, are you? If your my age then you are 15-20 years away from retirement and I do not know about you, but I did not bust my body into pieces working hard all of my life just to let some snot nosed lazy candy ass come along and take it all away from me.


We need to start fighting fire with fire, enough of this take the high road bullshit that does nothing but allow them to gain more ground undermining our position. Its time to get in the trenches and start drawing some proverbial blood.


The plan is simple. In this (meme?) Twitchy identifies this man, Jose Antonio Vargas as the one spreading this fake crap on the internet. 


Lets go get him.


Those who want to be involved, swarm this guys twitter page, the more people involved the better. Not to start trolling him but to pick apart every post this guy has ever put up and expose every lie he has spread. If you think it is a lie but can not prove it, bring it to the group and we will all look for any proof that may exist. And then we all start posting the truth and proof of who the liar is everywhere that we possibly can.


I have not decided yet which would be better, to post it as we find it and wear them down, or post it all at once and pound them into the ground with it.


I am open to suggestions on that. But I kind of like the idea of making a big entrance myself.


So that is basically the plan, simple is it not?


And it will work to, know how I know that? Because it is exactly the same tactic that these SJW's are using so effectively to silence conservatives.


The difference is that their weapons are lies and bully tactics. Ours will be truth. I would like to avoid any verbal wars with these people because that leads no where. We find the truth and expose those telling lies and spreading fake news.


We drive traffic towards the website not the Facebook pages so that our name gets out there much faster, and we can grow. 


Later we are going to need money, the website is already pretty well set for merchandising I just have to install the store app. But that's later down the road. 


Right now, we need to start gathering the people who want to be involved with this part of the project, we need people and we are all recruiters so bring in anyone you may think will be interested.


There are some things that I want to make crystal clear here with no misunderstandings. No matter what your beliefs are outside of it, This project does not choose sides. If we catch a conservative site in a lie, we treat it the same as a liberal one because or goal is exposing and preserving the truth, not pushing anyone's ideology or agenda. It is none of my (or anyone else's) business what anyone's race, gender, sexual orientation or anything else is so I don't really care, it has nothing whatsoever to do with this project so there is no reason to bring it up. We are just people, not labels.


If we all just treat each other with some basic common decency, it should never become an issue. Discrimination of any kind WILL NOT BE TOLERATED... ZERO TOLERANCE.


We are not all on the far left or the far right no matter what culture we may belong to. We are called the silent majority for a reason, we do not make as much noise as the extremists do. Its time to change that and the only way we are ever going to be able to do that is if we can set aside our own differences, stop fighting each other and focus on our shared enemy.


This is also just one of my grand experiments attached to this project, CAN WE ACTUALLY MANAGE TO DO THAT?


So everyone think over what I said and if it sounds like something you are interested in or if you have any questions at all let me know by commenting at the bottom of the page. 





...for too long now we have been scattered weak and alone on the tempest winds, let us now gather together and seek shelter and strength beneath our overlapping shields.  

                                                                                                                             ~Ghost (A Warriors Tales)





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