One of the primary goals of The Ugly Truth Project is to identify and expose those who are using social media to create and/or spread fake news, disinformation, or flat out lies. This will be the first stage of the project to be implemented because it is relatively easy for anyone to do, and does not require any special resources such as software etc.


Basically, if you are able to post in Facebook, you already have everything that you will need.


Here is how it works. Every day we who surf the web keeping up with the chaos in our world run across supposed "BREAKING NEWS", the "EXTRA, EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT" of the digital age. Very often we know for a fact that what these "self proclaimed" reliable sources are trying to sell is absolute bullshit. But it gets picked up and spread around like wildfire through the Marxist propaganda network known as "social media".


Remember, the Marxists stalk both sides of the isle so we watch everyone equally.


OK, we know its bullshit but what are we going to do about it? More than likely the answer is nothing much but grumble about it. Maybe post about it on our Facebook or Twitter page where it is swallowed up and forgotten within a day or two as the media starts to play with the latest shinny cat toy.


Instead, start to gather these things together. I made a file in my browsers Favorites (Windows Microsoft Edge) called "DUMP" and it is where I put all of these fake news or lies I find in articles etc. and go through them later. (Be careful though, you can overwhelm yourself before you even realize it)


The articles and other pieces are good evidence but what we really want to do is go through them and look at who they are using for sources. (if they even bother to provide any) Follow the sources to the original and log that websites URL.


By doing this we can see who the primary sources of the fake news and disinformation are. That's who we want to focus our attention on, who is starting the lie. Its basically finding the head of the snake by following its hiss.


I have found such a snake head. This website has been connected as a source for all kinds of fake news stories including the ones I posted in memes about the children in cages at the border. is part of the left leaning USA Today Network that is owned by the also left leaning Gannett Company.


I have been seeing this site pop up all over the place as a source on leftist pages. There could be a hundred of them and they all lead right back here.


This is where we come in. By we I mean those of you who wish to join me in actually being proactive instead of reactive to this attempt at rewriting our very history by the Marxist propaganda machine.


Earlier our moderator posted a meme about bees and I found it very apropos to my goals I have for this project.


Right now we are all single bees buzzing around trying to be heard but we are easily flicked away and ignored. If we band together though we become a force that can not so easily be ignored. Hundreds of us can make the leftists stand up and take notice. Thousands of us working together can become a serious damn problem for them because we can swarm everything they print or broadcast and tear it to pieces if it is untrue. We need to work together though in a coordinated manner that can not be refuted. That is one of my main goals for this project, bringing people back together again so that we can organize and truly start fighting back against this inside takeover of our country.


Which brings me back to Think about it like playing an open hand of poker to get familiar with the game. Go and give them a visit, look around and gather up anything you find that you know is not true. Use screen shots (windows key + PrtSc) or save the information off line so that if the link is disabled you can still access it.  Just make sure if you use screen shots that the URL or page name is present. Bring what you find to the group and we can all work together to prove with out a doubt that this site is creating and/or spreading fake news etc.


Then we nail them. We are going to act like the FBI and not let them know we are after them until we have them dead to rights on multiple offenses, no escape. That means no trolling the sites we go after or any other form of harassment. We gather our evidence with out them ever knowing we were there, so when we pounce they will be completely unprepared for us.


Except for one thing of course I want us to do just to make a statement of our intentions. Right before we post our evidence everyone in the group go to the page and type The Ugly Americans into a comment window. Absolutely flood the page with that name and then we expose them for the liars that they are. 


And hopefully shut them down because once we have someone in our grip we will not be letting them go, ever.


So go see what you can find. I do not know about anyone else but I find doing this quite exciting and fun. Its like a big treasure hunt. 


Start your file to dump what you find in and look for common URLS etc. Track the sources and get familiar with the process. In the very near future I will be creating a designated Forum on the website where we can all go and compare what we found, choose the best evidence, make it rock solid and then go after them. Only those who choose to participate in this part of the project will have access to that forum.


There are however already several public access forums that I created as a substitute for FB conversations that can be censored by the media company. No censoring in our forums as long as we all follow the rules which are exactly the same as the groups rules.


I would appreciate some people going to the website and testing things out for me, like the forums and let me know of any problems. Be sure to like and follow the page while you are there. 


If something is not working or acting up please let me know through messenger or post it in the IDEAS forum on the website.


Thanks everyone, sorry this ended up being so long. I am trying to teach myself to be a little less wordy but... Visit the website





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