The Electoral College

July 12, 2018

I need to use video and text so Its much easier if I put this in my blog. It also makes it public though so I hope you don't mind. Maybe some one else will get something out of it.


So, as I said before the information you gave me in reference to the electoral college is all correct... as far as HOW the electoral college works. Click image for original article



Taken by itself an explanation of how something works and a little disinformation can easily make that something sound very unfair.


The problem is that basing ones decisions or beliefs on that information alone means those beliefs are based on incomplete information.


What's missing is why? This is such a simple yet monumentally important question if we are to truly understand anything. We have to know why, or critical thinking is impossible.


The founding fathers created the electoral college for a very specific reason, and that reason was to protect the vote of the American people. not oppress it. It was created to fight against tyranny, not create it as one could deduce from only having half of the story peppered with inaccuracies and omissions. Better known as disinformation.


The following video from Prager U covers all of the information that is in the article you posted. It however does go beyond that point and explains why the founding fathers created the electoral college in the first place and explains how the electoral college prevents tyranny in our country by preventing a majority or mob rule during our elections. Without the electoral college we would be a single party system so if you are a Marxist, this is exactly what you would want, you would be able to control the outcome of every election ever held. This is what the electoral college prevents, and it is also why the Marxists (who call themselves progressives) are so determined to get rid of it.

 In a nut shell like example, the population of the United States is right around 300 million people. At least a third of those people for what ever reasons (age etc.) do not vote which drops us down to around 200 million.


If not for the electoral college 46 of the 50 states votes would be irrelevant, they simply would not matter. All a candidate would have to do is take Florida, Texas, California, and New York who have populations totaling around 109 million people for a majority (or popular) vote. 


The votes of all of the citizens in 46 states would not even need to be counted, their voices would mean nothing.


The argument I hear most against the electoral college and for popular vote is that every ones vote should matter, people think due to disinformation that the electoral college robs them of that right. In reality it does the exact opposite, it guarantees that every vote counts because no one can monopolize the electors.


This next video explains more about electoral v popular vote and offers some good insight as to the likely affects of instituting a National Popular Vote or NPV.



 It all comes down to what ones goal is. Is it to preserve the individual freedoms that our constitution guarantees all Americans through the electoral college, or is it to tear down the very foundations of that freedom by manipulating the outcomes of our elections. Which can only be accomplished if the electoral college is eliminated.


Having a national presidential election process similar to the "jungle primaries" used in California and Washington would in no way be compatible with our constitution that lets every vote matter. 


In the end though it still all comes down to what we ourselves choose to believe based on our own perception and interpretations of the facts. It is not within my power to change any ones mind about anything, only they can do that. I just offer another perspective that can be compared to any other perspective and debated for analysis.


I did my best to get this laid out in an understandable way in just one post and little time, I hope I succeeded. Video really helps a lot though. Some people may not like Prager U as a source but I do my own verification research and these two videos are accurate.



I look forward to any comments or questions.





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