San Francisco: First POOP MAPS and now POOP APPS... but still no real solutions.

October 16, 2018




If we look at any major city it is going to have a homeless population. That's where homeless people go after all because they will find it far easier to receive government benefits, as well as the charity of others.


According to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development's Annual Homeless Assessment Report, as of 2017 there were around 554,000 homeless people in the United States, or about 0.20% of the US population. (click image for link)


 But as we can see on this map of homeless populations by state, California definitely leads the pack (not per capita) with a whopping 134,278 persons, or 0.30% of its est. 40,000,000 person population being considered homeless.


That's almost 1/4 of the entire national homeless population and far surpasses the national average.


San Francisco certainly has its share of California's homeless population as well. According to the 2017 San Francisco 'Homeless Census'  there were an estimated 8,000 homeless people in the city for that year. Or about 0.90% of their est. 800-850,000 person population which blows past both the state and national averages 


Now to be fair, these statistics do not mean that every one of these people are physically living on the streets. Many people in these statistics live with relatives, or in hotels etc. but with no permanent address of their own are still legally considered homeless for census purposes.


That's just a clarification because in the big picture, it does nothing to make this issue any better, quite the opposite in fact. 


It just means that there are less butt holes responsible for this mess.


Also to be fair lets take a few minutes and look at some of the primary factors that led to this homeless problem in the first place. Its laid out pretty well in this local news report from CBS affiliate KPIX-5 in 2016 that takes a look back at the process and those involved.






I am pretty sure most of us remember seeing the memes and posts all over social media about the poop maps the city of San Francisco put out to aid people in avoiding the human waste on its sidewalks.


In case you missed it, here is an example.



I don't know about you but it seems to me getting rid of the poopers would be a far more rational method of dealing with this problem then putting out maps to guide people around their excretions.


You know, actually solve the problem.


But apparently the democrats who run this city do not agree with me on that point since over the last decade or so they have allowed ( and caused ) the problem to compound at an alarming rate.


And it seems neither do the democrats who run the state of California.


 According to the 2017 Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR) to Congress. California’s homeless population jumped nearly 14 % from 2016 to 2017 to the current figures used of more than 134,00 people. It rose nearly 9% over the previous seven years. (page 13)


The problem is BAD!


In the following local news reports concerning the homeless issue in San Francisco, we can see first hand the full impact of the problem. The first one is from Nov. of 2017 and is focused on how the homeless problem is affecting business owners in San Francisco's historic Union Square. (video) CAUTION: Images in video could be disturbing.



As if the poop problem were not enough. We can see in this other report also from KPIX-5 that there is an even more concerning issue that has arisen out of this skyrocketing homelessness. Dirty needles discarded onto the city sidewalks by intravenous drug users.




Now I think it is very important to mention here that many of these needles are handed out to the people who eventually throw them in the streets, by the city of San Francisco itself.


In the above news report it is said that they collect 275,000 syringes a month or around 3.3 million a year off of San Francisco streets.


According to an article by the San Francisco Chronical in May 2018, the city hands out around 400, 000 syringes per month or about 4.5 million per year as part of another tax payer funded program to reduce the spread of disease among intravenous drug users!


So lets break that process down here a minute. Under one tax payer funded program the city hands out 400,000 needles a month to drug addicts who then throw those needles on the streets. This leads the city to create a new tax payer funded program to pick those same needles up. All of this is tied to the homeless problem where once again tax payers are on the hook for cleaning up all of the poop, urine, etc. that come along with it.


This is accomplishing nothing except bleeding the tax payers dry


As with the needles the city's solution is a "poop patrol" at a cost to the taxpayers of 750,000 dollars.


Aug. 2018 From ABC channel 7



San Francisco does have a city-run app, called SF311, that people can use to submit requests for a host of issues, including sidewalk cleaning. This process though tends to be time consuming and requires a lot of information. Two things most people do not really ever have enough of. 


But now this problem has been taken a step farther with a new poop app called Snapcrap. 


It is the brainchild of Vermont transplant Sean Miller who explains:


“Pretty much everyone who lives here is pretty well accustomed to seeing this stuff when you’re walking down the street in every neighborhood,” Miller said. “It’s very frustrating. You should be able to pull out your phone, take a photo and send it to the city to have it cleaned up.”


And just like that Snapcrap was born.


It is a free app and since it was first launched a short time ago Snapcrap has been downloaded well over a thousand times.


Of course the demonstrable impact of the app will take some time to establish and in the mean time the craptastrophe continues.


It is good to see that the city is at least trying to look like it is doing something by bringing in portable toilets, creating clean up programs (at great cost to the taxpayers) and the ever present and hollow words uttered by every democrat mayor over the last decade promising to solve the problem. 


The real problem is though that the city is passing policies that only treat the symptoms of the problem. They completely ignore the actual problem itself.


Even though these poor management decisions are having a dire impact on the city's tourism and business opportunities.


CBS affiliate KPIX-5 2018




Come on SF residents, this is third world crap (no pun intended) happening right under your noses and you just keep putting these incompetent people in charge of your city. In charge of your state. If these people were competent managers, you would not be experiencing this issue in the first place.


You do not have a poop problem, you do not have a needle problem, you have a serious homeless problem that is one way or another tied straight to the people running your city and their mismanagement. Listening to the people in the news reports, you know it too! Which makes the whole thing very bizarre to me.


Your problem is called progressivism and it is destroying not only the city of SF but the state of California as a whole. If the Marxists get their way this will be the fate of the entire country within one or two generations.


You can fix this in your local elections and in November at the ballot box. Elect people who are going to bring actual solutions to your city and state, and not simply create more and more problems through their corruption.


Or, you can keep electing them, download the new app Snapcrap... and start taking pictures.


Its all up to you.











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