Abortion: A consequence someone else has to pay.

December 8, 2018




If anyone has read my ramblings beyond my opinion columns they know that for at least half my adult life I considered myself a liberal Democrat. (I was a classical liberal though and in many ways it is still a big part of my personal beliefs.) Pay close attention to this short linked lecture, especially if you consider yourself a liberal.


I bet your not!


I was also pro choice at the time I did my own #WalkAway from the Democratic party back in the 90's when all of the Marxism really started to be normalized and promoted by the Clintons. It was there before, has been since at least the fifties but I personally woke up to the change the same time the Clintons hit the White House. I started asking questions and was fairly quickly pushed out once they realized that I was not going to assimilate into their collective. It was 100% against my belief system and still is. I was not attacked and viciously bullied like Democrats who walk away today are, but it was made very clear that unless I followed the narrative I was no longer welcome.


I can take a hint. 


I only mention this because I think it is important for people to know that I have stood on both sides of this issue, and I used to argue just as hard as a pro choice advocate. After being pushed out because of my questions I became even more determined to get answers then I was before, not less. Especially when it came to abortion because I was starting to see things that did not jive with what I had been told. I set out on a research project with the express purpose of proving my own beliefs wrong. It was my first real project and sparked an intense love of research that continues today. It also established the methodology I use on all of my research projects.


I proved myself wrong. Which of course led to my changing my mind. I don't know who penned this pearl of wisdom but I see it as the absolute truth.


"Abortion has never been about choice. It's about escaping the consequences of your choices by taking all choices away from another human being" ~Unknown


After everything that I have learned, this is my opinion as well except in extreme circumstances like rape, incest, or to save the mothers life. Even that is a serious moral dilemma as to who's rights matter more. The woman did not ask to get raped and pregnant, but the child did not ask to be conceived either. It all comes down to just how far down the rabbit hole we want to take the debate.


That is the whole reason though that they had to dehumanize a fetus by assigning a time that it can be considered a human being. They called it viable outside of the womb.


One of the things that I did not know at the time and was a defining moment in my awakening was that a child develops a heart beat at about sixteen days after conception. It can be heard at around 5 to 6 weeks. A heartbeat means life and unless its somehow a cat, or a dog, or a dolphin in that woman's womb it is a HUMAN BEINGS life.


A human being!


The following video was sent to me the other day during a conversation about the Kermit Gosnell case and movie. It inspired me to write this piece. It is from 2013, the same year as Gosnell was convicted for murdering several children outside of the womb during botched abortions. As mentioned in the introduction the media tried its best to keep this as an "isolated incident".


The women in this video who are/were abortion clinic employees, are speaking of things that happened in a different clinic, not the one associated with the Gosnell case which is NOT, an isolated incident.


GRAPHIC SUBJECT MATTER. The truth usually is. This interview sent chills up my spine on more than one occasion so take a deep breath before you hit that play button. 



This is why we are called The Ugly Truth Project. We embrace the ugly truths that most others do everything possible to escape and hide from. Rarely is it easy.


Abortion is one such ugly truth. It is not what it seems.


These are living, breathing HUMAN BABIES with heart beats that are being murdered... not lumps of cells that do not feel pain because right about the same time that the heart beat shows up at sixteen days the nervous system is starting to develop. That means sensation will register. They may not understand it, but they WILL feel it.


The next video shows exactly what we do to these children in order to rid the mother of their responsibility for them. It is by Dr. Anthony Levatino and even though it is a graphical representation of a second trimester D&E procedure, some may find it disturbing, we all should.


As I said, these are ugly truths we are dealing with and we must face them to truly understand what we are doing not only to these babies, but to our very humanity itself.



I constantly hear the argument that there is no proof that a fetus can feel pain.


Well that simply means that there is no proof that they don't either. I personally would choose to err on the side of caution than potentially cause the agonizing death of an unborn child. But that's just me I guess.


Besides, remember what the middle woman, Deborah Edge, said in the video interview at between 9:00 and 9:50 about the fetuses toes spreading out when it is killed. She said it happened EVERY time. 


I would call that a reaction to pain. Wouldn't you?


There are always exceptions to every rule, and abortion is no different. The question is how broad our interpretation of those exceptions are which is in my opinion the greatest flaw in Roe v Wade is its interpretation. 


Well, except for the fact that the entire law was argued and ratified based on a lie. I guess that would be the greatest flaw when I think about it.




What this all comes down to (in most cases) is that unless a woman/girl is raped (including incest) she consented to have unprotected sex knowing full well that the odds are very good that she will get pregnant by doing so. That is the time for choices and if one makes a bad choice, they are responsible for what comes out of it. Cold hard truth ladies. Your vaginas are between YOUR legs and unless its by force, no one gets there unless YOU allow them to.


Do you disagree with me?


YOU are responsible for your own body and if you don't want the responsibility of a child then be responsible with your sex life. Its that simple. Can't blame the men for this one.


Then an unborn child does not have to be ripped to pieces in what should be the safest place in the universe for them to be. All in order to pay the consequences of YOUR actions.


One of the craziest hypocrisies that I see are people rising up in outrage because some children were separated from people at the border who as learned later were not even their parents in most cases. We saved them.


Or screaming with outrage over some children (who would not even be there if not for other peoples decisions) breathing a little tear gas, or being a little hungry.


And yet those same people who screech and pound their chest about protecting these children are perfectly fine with an industry that has brutally ended the lives of over 50 million unborn children since the 1973 passing of Roe v Wade. 


50 million at an average rate of between 1 and 2 thousand babies aborted every day , 45,000 per month, 540,000 per year in the United States alone at an average revenue (including government subsidies) of right around 1 Billion dollars a year.


This is abortion being used as birth control. Its an industry built on death. 


Instead of making the right decision and not having unprotected sex in the first place women can simply go to a clinic and pay to have the child that resulted from that bad decision killed.


Under any other circumstances... that would be called MURDER FOR HIRE!




                                                               Step away from the noise.



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