NEW REPORT: Illegal Aliens Commit More Crimes Than Citizens, And Legal Immigrants.

February 7, 2019


 A new study by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) shows that Illegal aliens are incarcerated at a much higher rate than either citizens, or, legal immigrants.


Don't expect to see this report or any of its findings on your favorite main stream media channel or publications though. It simply does not fit the narrative pushed by the open border politicians and advocates.


In fact, the narrative being pushed by these open border advocates claims the exact opposite of this study which drew its data from the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP). A federal program that partially reimburses states for the cost of incarcerating illegal aliens.


So, if any one would know, it would be them.


Now the reasoning behind the open borders crowds belief that illegals commit less crimes is to me both nonsensical and laughable. It goes something like this:


[Illegal aliens commit less crimes because they do not want to get caught and be deported.]


Really, that's the best you could come up with?


They will get deported anyway if they get caught whether they commit more crimes or not because NEWS FLASH! Entering this country without permission is a federal offense.


Where is the deterrent there? I mean it seems to me due to their unconcern for our laws by coming here illegally in the first place. They would be far more likely to have an attitude of "well I got nothing to lose, I will be deported either way, so what the hell".


That's the way I see it any way but lets jump into that study by FAIR.


In the FULL REPORT FAIR explains how the open borders advocates present a not exactly true accounting of illegal alien crime.


A False Narrative, Based on Bad Data

"As noted above, (see the introduction) for decades, open-borders proponents have parroted the same narrative: “Illegal aliens commit less crime than native-born citizens.” However, this claim typically rests on studies that manipulate data in order to support the fictitious “illegal aliens = less crime” narrative.


Why are the majority of studies of illegal alien criminality so flawed? First, as Peter Kirsanow, of National Review notes, “Illegal-immigrant crime calculations conveniently and invariably steal a base by leaving out the millions of crimes committed by illegal immigrants related to procuring fraudulent social security numbers, obtaining false drivers’ licenses, using fraudulent green cards, and improperly accessing public benefits.”[2] That error is then compounded when researchers intentionally elect to leave out broad classes of crimes for example, drug offenses — as the Cato Institute frequently does.[3]


Secondly, most federal, state and local government agencies do not collect data on the rates at which illegal aliens are convicted of crimes. Most likely, this is due to political correctness, and a desire to keep the truth about the number of crimes committed by illegal aliens from coming to light. Peter Kirsanow is one of the few who has commented openly on this tendency. He states, “Unfortunately, almost every public official not named Jeff Sessions guards against disclosure of illegal-immigrant crime data more tenaciously than disclosure of nuclear launch codes.”[4] Regardless of why this information is not collected, the end result is that there are a limited number of sources for obtaining data on crimes committed by known illegal aliens.


Finally, most researchers tend to ignore the few established sources that provide data on criminal acts by known illegal aliens. They point to all types of alleged, and typically baseless, “flaws” in this data, ranging from “limited sample size” to an inability to determine whether illegal aliens are being counted more than once. In actuality, however, the only real flaw, from the perspective of mainstream research organizations, is that examinations of data on criminal activity by known illegal aliens tend to establish that those who enter the U.S. in violation of our immigration laws also commit other crimes at a higher rate."


 In a final comment they state:


"This should not be surprising to anyone. The simple fact that illegal aliens violated American immigration laws – and must continuously violate other federal, state and local laws in order to mask their ongoing illegal presence in this country – demonstrates a blatant lack of respect for the rule of law."


In other words, what I said a little bit ago, just in a different way.


For their research FAIR looked at the rates of incarceration for illegal aliens who had committed crimes by examining the records of state and local correctional facilities.


Their primary focus for this research was on the states that record the highest populations of illegal immigrants across the country. Those states are:


Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Texas, and Washington.


Their key findings are as follows:


"FAIR found that in all SCAAP-reporting states along the Southern Border, and in SCAAP-reporting interior states that are preferred destinations for unlawful migrants, illegal aliens are incarcerated at a much higher rate than citizens and lawfully-present aliens."[7]

  • SCAAP data indicate that illegal aliens are typically at least three times as likely to be incarcerated than citizens and lawfully-present aliens.

  • Since the SCAAP program only includes those illegal aliens who have, at some point, been convicted of a crime, the only reasonable conclusion is that illegal aliens must commit crimes at a higher rate than citizens or lawfully-present aliens in order to be incarcerated at such high rates.

  • These findings stand in stark contrast to the narrative pushed by the open-borders lobby that illegal aliens are less likely to commit crimes compared to citizens or lawfully-present aliens.

Graphics: (1)


 FAIR then whittles things down to focus on three states for a more detailed analysis. Arizona, New Jersey, and Texas.


In Arizona, a state known for heavy drug trafficking due to its miles of unprotected border, the report states that "nearly 3 percent of all illegal aliens end up finding themselves incarcerated in a state or local facility at some point during the year."  The report also states that on the flip side, "roughly 0.7 percent of citizens and lawfully-present immigrants in Arizona are incarcerated – meaning illegal aliens are more than 4 times as likely to be incarcerated."


In New Jersey, a state that is a long walk away from the border and with relatively low incarceration rates, "illegal aliens are 5.5 times more likely than U.S. citizens or lawfully-present aliens to be incarcerated."


Then we come to this writers home state of Texas. A state that claims say has a lower number of illegals that commit crimes, "unlawfully-present aliens remain 60 percent more likely to be incarcerated than citizens and lawfully-present immigrants."  Even though it does sport a slightly lower incarceration rate Texas "has dealt with more than 273,000 crimes committed by 175,000 illegal aliens" according to the FAIR report. One important note is that these crimes all happened between June 2011 and July 2018 and they include:

505 homicide charges, 30,408 assaults, 5,396 burglaries, 34,555 drug offenses, and 365 kidnapping charges.[18]


FAIR's report also states. "By simply doing the math based on this data alone, then comparing it with the number of illegal aliens residing in the state of Texas, it becomes clear that illegal aliens are incarcerated at a higher rate than U.S. citizens or lawfully-present aliens."


FAIR cautions us to note that, 'these alarming numbers do not include those illegal aliens currently serving sentences on federal criminal charges, as reported by the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP).[8] Offenses committed by illegal aliens that may result in a federal prison sentence include crimes ranging from document fraud to alien smuggling, drug trafficking and murder."


Now of course we all know that the open borders crowd will pull very splinter out of the wood pile in order to try and discredit this report, I mean, that's what they do. In its conclusion FAIR also addresses these critics and talks about the specifics of what they will challenge and why, so I do not need to go into that here.


However there are two parts of the conclusion that I do want to add. One of the critics primary focuses are on conviction rates and this is addressed by the FAIR report showing it to be a pretty weak argument.


"Other critics assert that any claims that illegal aliens commit crimes at a higher rate than lawfully-present immigrants or U.S. citizens are motivated solely by racism inherent in American law enforcement."


Did you really think that they were not going to throw the racism card?


"However, data on conviction rates and plea bargains generally indicate that the correlation between arrest and subsequent conviction in the United States is high. Conviction rates in state jurisdictions vary but are typically over 50 percent. For example, 84 percent in Texas, 82 percent in California and 67 percent in New York.[23] Accordingly, courts appear to be regularly finding that police and prosecutors have sustained their burden in proving that charged illegal aliens have actually committed the crimes of which they are accused. There does not appear to be any indication that illegal alien incarceration rates are being artificially inflated by overly aggressive enforcement activity."


The last thing I want to add is the final paragraph in the conclusion and I think it speaks for itself.


"Until lawmakers in the United States are able to review accurate, transparent data regarding the rate at which illegal aliens commit criminal offenses, they will, inevitably, continue making bad immigration policy. As a result, too many Americans will continue becoming victims of preventable crimes, and the terrible stories that occupy our news cycles all too often will remain a regular part of daily life in this country. Hopefully, this study represents a step in the right direction, and will encourage legislators, the media and academic researchers to demand better information on illegal aliens and crime."


"If any immigrant can not come into our country the legal way, there is most likely a reason for that, don't you think?"

                                                               ~The Ugly Truth Project


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