AOC Epitomizes D.C. Corruption. Slapped With Third Ethics Complaint In A Week.


Representative Ocasio-Cortez has had a rough week with complaints of ethics violations piling up at her dancing feet. One has to wonder if this woman is simply this ignorant of how our government works, or is she simply falling in line with the rest of the swamp rats to rip off the people she swore an oath to represent?


Neither option is a good one. The former means she is incompetent, and the latter means she has no respect for the office she holds, America, the Constitution, or the people she represents. Both bad.


First off, a complaint was filed that alleges Ocasio-Cortez illegally funneled money to Riley Roberts (her boyfriend) while working on her campaign.





The Second complaint filed against her alleges that she (Ocasio-Cortez) and her chief of staff Saikat Chakrabarti, intentionally withheld or deliberately concealed information concerning their control over a far left Super PAC.




And now, a third ethics complaint has been filed concerning her Instagram accounts.


The complaint alleges that AOC is or was using government resources to bolster her campaign by having her Representative Instagram account linked directly to her campaign account. That campaign account features video of AOC on the floor of the House with a direct link for her supporters to donate money towards her campaign.


That's a big no, no!



A Washington, D.C.-based ethics group is claiming that New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s social media usage violates House ethics rules against using taxpayer resources for political purposes.


Ocasio-Cortez’s political Instagram account contains direct links to her House Instagram account and includes a link for political contributions, alongside posts of official video footage on the House floor, according to a complaint Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT) plans to file Thursday with the Office of Congressional Ethics. The group claims these actions violate House ethics rules.


“In a way, it’s a straight forward complaint,” Kendra Arnold, executive director of FACT, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “Broadly speaking, the rules clearly define that politics and government works cannot overlap. There are reasons for that: mostly because we don’t want our taxpayer dollars going toward campaigns.” FACT is a nonprofit group whose past president was Matthew Whitaker, an attorney who served as President Donald Trump’s acting attorney general in 2018 and 2019.


House ethics rules forbid lawmakers from using resources like House video for political purposes, the complaint notes. House ethics rules prohibit a member from posting a link to her official social media site on a campaign social media site. She solicited donations on the page that used official House video footage, according to FACT. This is not the first ethical complaint Ocasio-Cortez has had this week.



Its important to point out here that the second ethics complaint that accuses AOC and her chief of staff Saikat Chakrabarti could very well turn into a criminal prosecution. Saikat Chakrabarti is accused of funneling somewhere in the neighborhood of a million dollars from campaign donations into the accounts of his private business. This was done allegedly through multiple LLC's set up by Chakrabarti specifically for this purpose. This could also very well result in prison time if they are convicted.

From: The Washington Examiner 


In 2016 and 2017, Chakrabarti’s PACs raised around $3.3 million for the project, primarily from small donors. During this time, the committees transferred over $1 million to two shell companies controlled by Chakrabarti with names similar to one of the PACs, Brand New Campaign LLC and Brand New Congress LLC, according to federal election filings.


A few weeks after starting the Brand New Congress PAC, Chakrabarti formed one of the companies, Brand New Campaign LLC, in Delaware, using a registered agent service and mailbox-only address.


Over the next seven months, as small-dollar political donations poured into the PAC from progressives across the country, the committee transferred over $200,000, 82 percent of the contributions, to the company Brand New Campaign LLC. The payments were for “strategic consulting,” according to federal election filings. They were sent to an apartment address listed for Chakrabarti in the Greenwich Village area of Manhattan.


In 2017, Brand New Congress PAC transferred another $240,000 to Brand New Congress LLC, also for “strategic consulting.” Another PAC co-founded by Chakrabarti that year called "Justice Democrats" transferred an additional $605,000 to Brand New Congress LLC in 2017.


Brand New Congress LLC is not registered in any Secretary of State databases. It is unclear where or when it was incorporated.

This is the epitome of the corruption we Americans are wanting removed from our government and AOC seems to have dove right into the swamp like she belongs there. If these allegations turn out to be true... she does. 


This is no joke either as stated by Tom Anderson, director of NLPC’s Government Integrity Project in a article.


"These are not minor or technical violations. We are talking about real money here. In all my years of studying FEC reports, I’ve never seen a more ambitious operation to circumvent reporting requirements. Representative Ocasio-Cortez has been quite vocal in condemning so-called dark money, but her own campaign went to great lengths to avoid the sunlight of disclosure," Tom Anderson, director of NLPC’s Government Integrity Project, said in a statement.

As a side bar here, the PAC  co-founded by Chakrabarti "Justice Democrats" found and promoted AOC from what amounts to a casting call in 2016. And she is not the only one either. Could this be why this freshmen Representative does not have a clue what she is doing, or saying most of the time for that matter?  You can see more about that in the video below. If this is how we are choosing our leaders now, well, that explains a lot doesn't it?




"If you choose fools to run your country it should not surprise you to learn that your country is ran by fools." ~The Ugly Truth Project




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