Random Thoughts: ... and now healthcare?

March 27, 2019




Well this should be interesting.


POTUS is saying he is going to make the GOP the party of Healthcare.


I think the Dems are about to paint themselves into another corner on this one since, well, they claim that title already.


McConnell just forced them to go on the record with how they stand on AOC's "Green New Deal". Epic fail on that one. 57 Nays, 43 Present and a big fat 0 Yeas. OUCH!


Of course AOC jumped right in there trying to do some damage control. This is a very convenient excuse, after the fact of course when she knows the numbers. 





I honestly don't know what's more terrifying, the fact that this woman truly seems to believe that we are this stupid, or the fact that there are unfortunately millions of Americans who are.


Now, Trump is going to back them into a corner on Healthcare. 


They will of course oppose anything he proposes no matter how good it is for the American people, its there default position.


And those same American people will see them oppose it. Cause and effect.


The left will once again find themselves between a rock and a hard place. Caught between their words and their actions.


Every time the Dems get exposed for playing politics with issues that WE THE PEOPLE (right and left) really care about, like healthcare, more people open their eyes to who these leftists really are.


They start to understand what the Dems plans really mean in the long term for them and their families. They see it on a personal level which breaks through the cloud of the media pushed group think controlling their decisions.


They wake up. 


Its also very cool to watch from a psychological perspective. Trump is a damn good tactician. He knows when to back down and he knows when and where and how hard to push.


The Democrats have owned healthcare as a rally cry for a long time, you could say its one of their banner causes. If Trump can take that away from them it will be a major win for the American people which means of course it will be a major blow to the leftists/democrats.


Funny how that works is it not? If it is good for the American people it is bad for the leftists, and of course that also means that if it is good for the leftists... its bad for the American people.


Cause and effect is the law that never lies.



Green new deal vote.



Trump claim.














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