Random Thoughts... climate change and the new generation.

April 27, 2019





Millennials, and Gen Z:




For a very large chunk of human history those in power have used the climate and weather to scare the masses and control them.




From the early humans who saw natural events as signs from their gods whose leaders used religious awe to control. To the high tech charlatans of today who manipulate data and control the media to sell a lie and push an agenda. The methods are the same, as are the reasons behind them, power and control.




Every generation has fallen prey to these doomsday peddlers who have never been right by the way, or we would not still be here.




All the way up to my generation, Baby Boomer/ Gen X. We had Al Gore who told us 13-14 years ago that we had ten years or we were all going to die. You guys have Ocasio-Cortez and "Beto"  selling you the same bag of crap with a 12 year time period before we all die.









"The sky is falling, The sky is falling!




But you don't have to buy it you know. You can choose to be the generations that refuse to be manipulated and controlled by these lies. 




You could choose to break the cycle of deception instead of simply becoming the next duped generation.




The climate change we see is a natural cycle that can be tracked through the ice records. 716 billion years ago the earth was essentially a snow ball, completely covered in Ice. Around 55 million years ago the arctic was a tropical paradise. And in our own human history we saw another ice age where 30% of the Earths surface was covered in ice. And I mean ice that was miles thick. This ice receding created the Great Lakes and the arctic and Antarctic regions are the remnants of those massive glaciers that are still receding today as they have been for millions of years. We are technically still in that ice age.








Human existence is just a blink of the eye within this process and we have zero control over it. Were just along for the ride man




I mean everything I just mentioned happened before the first fossil fuel was ever burned by a human but we are somehow to blame for all of this? Come on! People are just once again using a cyclic event to create hysteria and push an agenda because they know most people will never bother to check if what they say is actually true or not. The fact is we are just one in a line of many contributors to climate change but to say we caused it is very simply a flat out lie.




Ignorance becomes the invisible chain that binds us to the very people who deceive us. We believe them because we simply don't know any better. Our information is censored and controlled so we never have the whole story.



What we never hear is the fact that the United States already leads the world in emission reductions coming in at - 758 million metric tons between 2005 and 2017. But it don't mean squat because at the same time China increased its emissions by 3 BILLION metric tons and India's emission grew by 1 BILLION completely negating any benefit our reduced emissions could have generated. We reduce by MILLIONS and they add BILLIONS, that's called an exercise in futility. Its utterly pointless because we will never get everyone in the world to do what it takes to cause a global impact of even the smallest amount.







If we stop chasing this lie we can concentrate on cleaning up the solid waste pollution of our land and oceans, doing more to control deforestation, and over fishing. We can focus more on holding politicians accountable for their disastrous land management policies, these are things we can actually change. Areas where we can truly make a difference.




And we do not have to relinquish all of our rights and adopt socialism to do it either.




You guys want to change the way things are done, break the status quo, I get that.




Well this is your chance to do just that, break the status quo and refuse to be just another duped generation. 




That would truly be progress.













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