Random Thoughts... the push to impeach

April 28, 2019




So it seems to me that the Dems and media are laser focused on impeachment now because they just need to give Trump's presidency that scarlet letter.




They are obsessed with punishing this man for exposing their lies and corruption while at the same time dismantling their frame work established over more than one administration to funnel taxpayer money (our money) out of the United States into the coffers of globalist elites. All to finance the forced mass migration that would eventually replace this great nations culture and national identity. That means us. Exactly the same process we see happening in Europe. Belgium is on the verge of becoming the first Islamic state in Europe. And it was done intentionally through forced mass migration. The government sold its citizens out and destroyed their own culture and national identity. And we are watching it happen in real time. In a nut shell , like Europe, we were being used to finance our own eradication. President Trump threw a serious monkey wrench into that machinery by removing the Obama era regulations and policies that made it all possible to begin with.



That quite understandably upset a lot of people who are no longer able to tap into that pipeline laid out by the Obama administration. It also left a lot of U.S. politicians with some explaining to do. Not only to our legal system but they made a lot of deals and promises they can't keep anymore. At least not right now. People tend to frown on such things, they want solutions not excuses because they want that money flowing again. But that's another story in itself.




The left refuses to accept that their own multi million dollar two year investigation failed to provide any evidence  of collusion by Trump or any other American citizen connected with Trump in even the remotest way. No further indictments recommended. That should be the end of that but the left are now challenging their own investigation and the determination of Robert Mueller. A man they spent two years propping up on a pedestal only to kick him to the curb when he failed to say exactly what they wanted him to.




They said they had evidence that proved collusion, we now know that was a lie.




The original lie turned into an inescapable web of more and more lies to reinforce the first lies and so on and so on. You know the saying;




"Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive." ~ Sir Walter Scott.




Now they are so committed to that lie that they actually believe it to be true. They have no choice but to do so because its the only possible way to justify the fact that they lied to the American people over and over again for two years.




They have to continue the lie, and thanks to the constant disinformation machine feeding the masses through the media they are able to do it fairly easily for a large portion of the population.




Its socially engineered narcissism taken to the extreme. Millions of people with an absolute inability to even consider looking at things from someone else's point of view. And it makes people very easy to control through propaganda.




Ignorance is the tool of tyranny and the left have mastered its use over the last several decades.




So even though they have not been able to succeed in actually ousting Trump, they will have forever put that red asterisk of impeachment beside his presidency.




That's vengeance, not justice and it is reprehensible behavior from people who swore an oath to defend and protect the people of this nation.




They have clearly forsaken that oath.




They are putting their own personal feelings of hatred for this man above what is best for this country and its people. They are literally playing politics with OUR lives and that means all of us, right or left because in the end...


...as Americans, we all win or we all lose.








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