Group Think! The End Of Independent Thought. (Part 1of 2)

May 8, 2019



With the growing acceptance and movement towards collectivism in todays young people, we are seeing an exponential increase in the usage of the group think phenomena to not only suck them into the radical leftist ideology, but to trap them there as well. Many of these people do and say things that they may not really believe in, or go along with actions and ideas that they know in their own minds are wrong or simply will not work. They will even profess beliefs that they know are things they really don't agree with. And they will do this over and over and over again in an endless cycle of self censorship that can have a dire impact on not only how other people see them, but how they see themselves as well.


Many times when people constantly deny their own worth by not speaking their mind for fear of confrontation or exclusion, their self worth plummets and the value of the group replaces it. This can lead to both a loss of creativity and can be extremely damaging to ones self esteem. So damaging in fact that the person can literally come to believe that they have no value whatsoever outside of the group. This is the moment that one becomes a drone to the collective.


The trap.


So lets get started with a short video clip.


The video is part of the Asch conformity experiments or the "Asch Paradigm"  A series of studies conducted by Solomon Asch a Gestalt Psychologist in the 1950's. It studied if and how people yielded to or defied a majority group and the effect of such influences on beliefs and opinions.  The methodology of these experiments are still used by many researchers to the present day. 


The video gives a basic introduction as to to how group think works.



To see just how easily we humans can be manipulated into changing not only our behavior, but the way we think based on what the group around us thinks and does, should be alarming to say the least. But as we saw in the video above this conformity only happens if we are directly influenced by the group through their reactions to our answers or actions.


The groups approval or disapproval.


Remove that influence and we will generally follow our own thinking on matters and never even give a thought to what the group wants or thinks. While under that critical group influence however many people relinquish their own critical thinking and problem solving skills to the will of the group. They conform. This is done as a means to avoid being criticized or even excluded from the group, a fear many people do not posses the coping skills to deal with making them vulnerable to group think influences. This is especially true in todays world of political correctness and identity politics that are enforced through violence and intimidation. We also have millions of people who were socially engineered for the victimization mentality needed to create a society of people driven by group think, instead of individuality. Including independent thought. 


And amazingly enough these group influences can have a dramatic and lasting effect on our behavior with out anyone even saying a word to us. We can simply be influenced by what we see other people doing. The next video from the TV show Brain Games portrays this in stunning clarity.



Notice how the original subject of the experiment not only conformed to the behavior so that as she said, she could feel comfortable and included with the group. She was also the catalyst for continuing the conformity within an entirely new set of people who to a person conformed to the behavior of standing for the bell. They don't know why they are doing it, and they don't even realize that they themselves did not make the decision to do it. The group made the decision for them by using what we used to call "peer pressure". 


Very simply put the individuals would never have started standing for the bell if the group was not doing it first. As soon as the original subject pressured the second person to conform they became the group and the process began to influence the individuals.


Quite fascinating is it not?


We as people though have a very hard time accepting that we can so easily be manipulated by what psychologists call the "herd mentality" and as a rule we take offense to anyone telling us that we are. This only serves to perpetuate the group think mentality through our own denial of it.


That's also part of the trap. 


Even though the group think mentality is to a degree an integral part of our finding a place in society and in many circumstances it can be a valuable asset. Like the military where conformity is not just desirable it is necessary for the proper function of the entity as a whole. Non conformity causes a breakdown in the chain of command resulting in disorganization and chaos.


It can also bring about tragic and horrible circumstances that could have easily been avoided if people would have simply spoken up and voiced their concerns, stood their ground. An excellent example of this would be the space shuttle Challenger explosion which as we see in the following video was at least in large part caused by the group think mentality.




At 11:39 AM on January 28, 1986, the orbiter space craft Challenger blew up and disintegrated 73 seconds after lift off killing all seven crew members including the first civilian school teacher to be a shuttle crew member Sharon Christa McAuliffe. The O ring failed just like some thought it would but they stayed silent..


I remember this day very well, it stopped the nation in its tracks.


It is widely believed that if they had postponed the launch on this day and waited for higher temperatures, the tragedy could have been avoided. But people did not keep pushing for the safety factor. They conformed to the desires of the group which was to launch.


We know the results of those decisions. As we see in the video the events of the Challenger tragedy have been used as a case study in the group think mentality and its possible results.


But, if poor decision making leading to tragedy is not bad enough, we see an even darker side of group think that has been emerging for several decades now.


It has been weaponized.


Though group think has been being used for a long time to manipulate young minds, they (the Marxists/Progressives) needed a very specific generation in order to fully implement its use for their agenda. Which is for all intents and purposes, mind control.


They found that generation in Late term Millennials and they have spread their indoctrination into Generation Z as well.


This is what we will look at in part 2. How the left managed to steal the mind and personalities of an entire generation, and the effect it has had on these young minds who are the future of this great nation.


Or maybe not. That still remains to be seen doesn't it.



"If a person can not identify what specifically drove them to make a decision... its because someone else made it for them." ~The Ugly Truth Project 



More on the Asch Paradigm

Simple analysis

Deeper analysis adding the factor of morality


Another good short video explaining Group Think

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