Response... who shoot more people, jackasses or elephants

Ok, sorry for the delay, I got distracted.


So I am assuming we are on the same page in that there are no concrete statistics to look to for this question so absolute fact is not a possibility. No one tracks the political leanings of shooters in a verifiable manner.


What we can do though is some very clever deductive reasoning. I wish I could take credit for this methodology but I can not and I am not positive who did first come up with it. I have found more than one person claiming credit so I will just stipulate that it was not me, and the source cited is what I believe to be the most credible. All credit goes to whoever did come up with it. As I said though it is very clever and it works., or at least it did.


Also before I get going I am sticking with the year 2014 that I used in my original article. This is because with the manipulation of search results by the big tech dicks half of the links I used are no longer there. It would take me several days to rebuild a data base. and redo all of the math.


Another deciding factor that has dramatically changed is the amount of black people identifying as Democrat which is a primary parameter for this methodology. It is considerably lower now than it was in 2014 due to a mass exodus that would skew the results. Prior to 2016 the number of blacks identifying as Democrat remained very consistent for decades which is what made that demographic a perfect tool for this comparison.


Now though, with the massive decline in numbers we have seen in a very short amount of time, it is no longer viable as a tool.


Finally, the reason I come across as harsh and even mean, is because I was not kidding around man, emotions are not a part of my thought processes unless they absolutely need to be. So my responses are clinical, cold, unemotional and most definitely NOT politically correct This allows me to focus on one thing and one thing only with out the distraction of  irrelevant questions and information. Like this question, who shoot more people? I don't care WHY they are shooting people, WHERE they are shooting people, or WHAT they are shooting people with. For the purposes of answering THIS question, none of those other things matter at all.


There, I just removed every ounce of politics from what we are talking about, now we can just concentrate on the math. What do the numbers say.



To start they needed to find the most recent number of MURDERS committed by a firearm. This does NOT include suicides or justifiable homicides like the left likes to skew the gun crime numbers with. Like Obama said in his 2016 anti gun speech. 30,000 people killed by firearms every year in America. What he neglected to tell anyone is that approximately 20,000 of those deaths were by suicide. And lets not forget that 80% of the remaining homicides were gang related. That's a classic example of spreading disinformation, better known as lying through your teeth.


So we are looking at nothing but murders here.


For this they looked at the Center for Disease Control WISHERS website. The current year available was 2014


From  (Not original source)


According to the CDC, there were 10,945 murders involving firearms in 2014.

Next I needed to find an accurate source for murder rates by race. This needs to be broken down by race because each race will have different murder rates and voting rates, which is important for getting a final product based on political affiliation. The source I used was the US Department of Justice’s homicide report published in 2011. The information contained in this report was averaged from 1980 to 2008. Here are the murder rates that can be found on the third page of the report:

52.5% were black perpetrators

45.3% were white perpetrators

2.2% were perpetrators of other races

Lastly, I needed to find the political affiliation for these races. The source I used was Cornell University. I chose to use information from the last presidential election (2012).  Here are the voting rates for the Democrats broken down by race:

93% of blacks voted Democrat

39% of whites voted Democrat

67% of everyone else (average of all races other than black/white) voted Democrat

With numbers in hand, I began my calculations. First up was calculating the number of firearms murders by race. There are a few assumptions in this calculation. For one thing, it assumes that the murder rate from the 1980 to 2008 time period is somewhat correct for 2014 (the year I’m using for firearm murders). It also assumes that there is a 1:1 victim to perpetrator ratio (we all know that this isn’t always true, i.e. mass murders by one perpetrator, but this is the easiest way to compute this information).  Here are my calculations for 2014 firearm murders by race:

5,746.12 firearms murders by blacks (10,945 x .525)

4,958.09 firearm murders by whites (10,945 x .453)

240.79 firearm murders by others (10,945 x .022)

After this was complete, I needed to bring in another variable: political affiliation.

This calculation would give me the total number of firearms murders for Democrats (this political party is a continuation from the calculations above) in 2014 broken down by race. Again, there are a few assumptions here:

    • the 2012 political party affiliation is correct for 2014 (the year I’m using for firearm murders)

    • there is a 1:1 political party affiliation to each perpetrator ratio (we also know this isn’t completely correct because it assumes that every perpetrator belongs to one of these 2 political parties).  We have to make this assumption because there is no other data to go off of for this portion of the analysis and I believe that any error caused by it would only be +/- a few percentage points (hardly enough to have any substantial influence over the outcome).

    Here are my calculations for 2014 firearm murders by race and Democrat affiliation (using this party again to remain consistent):

    5,343.89 firearm murders by black Democrats (5,746.12 x .93)

    1,933.66 firearm murders by white Democrats (4,958.09 x .39)

    161.33 firearm murders by other Democrats (240.79 x .67)

    Time to add these up to find the total number of firearm murders that were perpetrated by Democrats in 2014:

    7,438.88 total firearm murders by Democrats (5,343.89 + 1,933.66 + 161.33)

    Lastly I found the percentage of firearm murders that were perpetrated by Democrats in 2014:

    67.97% gun murders by democrats (7,438.88/10,945)

    According to my calculations, about 68% of all firearm murders in 2014 were committed by Democrats. Only 32% of all firearms murders in 2014 were committed by Republicans. This means that Democrats committed twice the number of firearm related murders than Republicans (68/32 = 2.125). This leads to three very important conclusions:

      • Republicans aren’t to blame for the number of firearm murders, as the Democrats try to claim

      • If Democrats stopped shooting people, we could reduce our firearm related murders by almost 70%

      • Guns aren’t the problem, Democrats are.

      Take it for what you will because in the end as always we must each decide what we choose to believe. 


      Me, I believe half of what I see and none of what I hear, I am a realist who knows that quite often the proof is in what we don't see, and what we don't hear. 


      Especially when voices are being silenced and disinformation is the norm for our media. They are nothing but propaganda peddlers who can not be trusted.


      Even though this can not qualify as fact, it makes a hell of a lot of sense and the math works. If nothing else its very interesting.




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