Group Think! The End Of Independent Thought. (Part 2 of 2)

May 21, 2019



In Part 1 we looked at the process of conformity and how it can lead to the destructive phenomena known as group think. We also looked at some pretty eye opening examples of just how easily we can be manipulated into conforming to the behavior and thought processes of the people around us. Even though we don't understand why, or in some cases even that we are doing it.


Once we conform to the pressure of the group around us we can start losing our ability to think for ourselves, independent thought. This is not literally of course because with the proper help we can gain that ability back so for adults it is more a case of suppression than actually losing it. It gets suppressed through the process of self censorship as discussed in part 1. After a while of us deferring to the pressure of the group we simply don't even question the groups decisions anymore, we just go along with whatever they say whether we agree with it or not. The why as explained in part 1 is as simple as not wanting to be left out of the group.


This is group think  and as we saw in part 1 it is not really that hard to  sweep up grown men and women into this dangerous behavior of conformity with out them even realizing it is happening to them. Now I really want to stress here that these were all grown ups that we saw in part 1 being easily manipulated into conforming to the pressures of the group even though they should know better, and have the will power to resist it.


Now imagine these same methods of manipulation being used on the extremely impressionable minds of young people who don't know anything, and are relying on educators and parents to teach them everything.


They are an open book whose pages can be filled with any story that the educator or parents wish to fill them with. And to these impressionable minds, this will be the truth. They trust us to teach them the truth and to give them the skills they need to succeed in this world and be productive members of society.


Yeah, that does not really seem to be happening anymore.


Text books have been rewritten, (revised) curriculums have turned from reading, writing and arithmetic to identity politics, political correctness, and social justice. Competition is being eliminated through the "everyone's a winner, everyone gets a trophy" mentality that is robbing our children of the drive to improve themselves. The only path to success is paved with failure because it is through these failures that we learn, they are where we find the drive and will to make ourselves better. Competition drives creativity which in turn drives us to succeed.


Now for me the most messed up part of this campaign to dumb down and enslave our children through ignorance, is what I mentioned earlier. We adults, we can relearn to be independent thinkers after being  misled into conforming to a group and even if we have been drawn into the sometimes devastating world of group think.


Why? Because most of us were taught these skills when we were young. We were taught critical thinking, coping skills, and life skills in general that we can fall back on to realign our mental stability.


For many children though, they are not being taught these skills at all. That means they have nothing to fall back on even if we can get them to listen to us. They will have to learn these skills from scratch before they can ever use them to see and understand the truth.


So basically our children are being taught lies and at the same time being robbed of the skills they need to recognize the lies in the first place.


It truly is diabolical when you think about it.


A very good example of this is the Pearson History textbook that is blatantly biased against President Trump and his supporters. The video below by Anthony Brian Logan explains this.


 I agree with him. History text books are supposed to teach the facts about what happened in history. I.E. "in the 2016 American election for the 45th presidency, Donald Trump the republican candidate defeated Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton by winning the electoral vote by 306 votes to Clintons 232."


That's it. Those are the facts and they are all that needs to be said in a history book. Everything else in this part of this book is the authors opinion, they are not facts and should not be in this book. This is indoctrination through an intentional and blatant bias for the leftist narrative.


How do you think children who know nothing else are going to understand this event in our history?


Exactly how the leftists want them to. 


The left has taken things a step further though. Conformity can still be a hit or miss proposition due to many children still having been taught the life skills to resist it by parents, the left has opted to remove conformity from the picture all together.


If the children are only taught what the left wants them to know conformity is unnecessary. Begin the lie at the earliest age possible and continue to tell it every chance you get. They will never know anything different, they will be brainwashed to believe whatever they are told to believe.


This is happening people, and we need to stand up as parents and put a stop to it. Public schools are under state control which means it is us, the parents who are responsible for holding them accountable and controlling what they teach, not the federal government. If you are waiting around for them to solve this problem you might as well watch the grass grow, it will turn out about the same.


In this writers opinion we as a society have failed horrendously in that responsibility or it would not be happening.


I myself as many of you know, do not rely much on other peoples articles or news reports for things, I like cause and effect. Its the data that can not be corrupted because no one ever knows exactly what is going to happen until it does. Its very hard to manipulate information before we even know what it is.


So on that train of thought we are going to take a little look at some cause and effect that relates to both the conformity towards collectivism and also group think. What we are looking at is the effect, and the cause is conformity/group think.


We will start with one everybody should have experience with either personally or through watching a video, news report, or other commentary.


People protesting something like Donald Trump, but they can not give one answer to why they are protesting him. They call him racist but can not name one racist thing he has said or done as an example. This is group think. Their collectivist mentality has made them believe that what they think is true was determined through their own rationalization and that they came up with it all on their own. That could not be further from the truth because we people make decisions based on what we see and what we hear. So if we make a decision on something we are willing and able to tell you why we made that decision. Tommy is an asshole because... (reason). Sandra is a liar because...(reason). Bill is a racist because he said or did... (reason).


These young people, people in general today can not give us those reasons. Lets watch.


I do apologize for the caption on this video and I do not happen to agree with it. Not all of them anyway. I truly believe that they are misled and ignorant, not stupid.


 Not one person in this entire video could give one valid reason why they were protesting President Trump, not one of them. And we also notice that when they can not come up with any reasons they default to personal attacks on the interviewer or they refuse to talk anymore, they turn away.


There are many, many, many videos out there that show the exact same thing. So far I personally have not had anyone who is able to give me reasons either. They usually end up doing pretty much what these people did. Walking away or resulting to name calling and anger to push me away.


They don't want to talk, they don't want to listen, they simply want you to conform to their way of thinking. Even though they themselves have no clue why they even think the way they do.


That's called group think. They are simply going along with what the group is saying and repeating what the group tells them to say. Collectivism at its finest. We see two primary indicators of this phenomena within this video. They are actively suppressing any dissenting viewpoints by refusing to have any dialogue. All they do is repeat the rhetoric they hear every day and shout down whoever is trying to offer a different viewpoint. Then they isolate themselves from any dissenting information by walking away.


We see this in many areas of protests from guns to the president, to abortion and others. Many of these people have no idea why or even in many cases what they are protesting in the first place. They just are because other people are. Conformity with no clear understanding of why they are conforming. That's a very dangerous thing.


Before we go I want to show another video that in my mind also represents the group think mentality. Its about racism. This is two sides of a question about voter ID laws. (I have posted this video before) One side is the viewpoint of white liberals and the second side is the viewpoint of the black people they are talking about. Our focus is on the white liberals because as much as they are trying their damndest to sound sympathetic and not racist as they are explaining why voter ID laws are... you guest it, racist. The problem is that the white liberals are racist as hell in what they are saying and do not even realize it. This is because of the group think mentality. Everything they hear supports what they believe because they only believe it because they heard it. They do not see it as racist because everyone they talk to believes the same thing. The group says its not racist so its not racist. Give it a watch and pay close attention to what the white liberals say. Make up your own mind.



This is not just group think on the scale of a board room, this is national group think where millions of people are caught up in political webs of manipulation that control their minds and decisions as surely as a mind altering drug can. And we have seen it before. Nazi Germany, China, the former Soviet Union, Cuba, and more. History is riddled with the same story being repeated over and over again arising from the same tool every time, ignorance.


Its starting in pre school and as young people move through the public indoctrination system into university it all gets ramped up to the point of radicalizing them into what we see today. Given the current state of our education institutions we pay huge amounts of money for these places to turn our children into one of two things,  a nihilistic fatalist victim with the motivation of a slug, or a radicalized social justice warrior addicted to anonymity and violence. Neither of these will likely morph into a productive member of society. Quite the opposite in fact is more likely to happen. And they are creating them on a wholesale level.


This is all possible through keeping these young people ignorant to the truth because throughout history we have learned that ignorance is the favored tool of tyranny and it wields it mercilessly. Ignorant children grow into ignorant adults and they pass that ignorance on to their own children perpetuating the lie until there are no people left who remember the truth. A big part of accomplishing this goal is the phenomena known as group think. Combined with ignorance it is the adhesive that binds the collective together. 


It also eliminates independent thought.


"Be careful what you mold a young person into. For there may come a day when that molded person will decide your fate." ~The Ugly Truth Project



Tragic results of group think in our history.



























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