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The Left Blames Trump For A 16 Year Old Policy Passed By Democrats.

June 19, 2018

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Meltdown (blog only)

This is going to be a little long.


So, this was a very intense and somewhat disturbing event that happened a few days ago.


IMHO this guy got very confused about what I was saying and it seems to have thrown him into a complete and total meltdown that honestly, took me a little aback with its viciousness. Just a tad ridiculous in fact giving the situation. Or it was some kind of set up which also crossed my mind.


At first I was not really going to get into the content of the post itself but after reading through everything a few times I determined that for the purposes of context I should probably do that.


I am going to hold nothing back, everything laid out in the open including the profanity, of which there is plenty. 


Consider yourself warned.


So lets just go from top to bottom and look at this beginning with the offending meme that started it all.



Once in a while a meme or post will get buy me, I am only human after all, not a robot but this one I knew was good because I remember writing about the incidents that I believed the meme to be referring to. I will cover that here in a little bit.


So here we come to the first comment. I have no hard feelings towards this person, (I don't hold grudges, such a waste of energy) so I am not going to be publishing anyone's name and I would ask anyone who may have been watching this interaction before the post disappeared to respect their privacy as well. From here on out I will simply refer to them as my "antagonist."


Very appropriate in my opinion.


OK. The comment that started it all and my response to it. All of the following are in the order I received them.



The following images were sent to me by the antagonist in my in box.





It goes on to say something to the order of if you are going to come at me be better prepared or something along those lines. The post is still gone so I can not go back and look at it.


So that was my response and as you can see at the bottom I threw his own words back at him. Was that a good idea? Probably not in hind sight but hey, like I said, I am only human and things piss me off just like everyone else. And his comment pissed me off. 


Antagonist comment 2.



This comment made no sense to me, still doesn't so I have little to say about it.


I am wondering at this point what exactly pulled this guy's trigger so bad? Was it what I said for a response or was it the fact that I threw his own words back at him? 


Or maybe its just because I am me. I am fully aware of the fact that I can be a tad abrasive to some people.


I was acutely aware though that this person was most certainly triggered at this point unless they were seriously messing with me. I dismissed the latter as things escalated. 


Comment 3-4 (he gave several comments before I saw them and responded)


 So here we will have to go back and reference my response.


First. I never said that the NAACP was a part of the government. The only mention I gave to the NAACP was that Obama gave a speech there, that's it. So I have no idea where he got that from. In referencing that speech by Obama where he was indirectly hinting towards wanting to ban the Gadsden flag from being displayed, I mean do you get any more government than the President of the United States, or the congress members whose voices rose to ban displaying  this flag? I mean if they are not the government, who the hell is? 


As for the EEOC lets look at their web address. https://www.eeoc.gov/ Only the GOVERNMENT can use the .gov designation so that people know they are on an OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT website. So I guess that makes the EEOC the government does it not? I mean doesn't being a part of the government make you the government, am I wrong in that?


And the next little comment is one of my favorites. "and seriously you're going to try and say that you didn't say illegal"  Lets go back up and re read my response real quick. Nope, never said it. In fact, I specifically stated that that is NOT what they are trying to do.


Banning something from being displayed in public does not make the item itself illegal. Its only illegal to display it in designated public places. Like the polling stations in Minnesota. It was perfectly legal to display this flag anywhere in the state except for the polling stations. That means that the flag was not illegal, displaying it at a polling station was.


The meme also says nothing about making this flag ILLEGAL, it says ban, they are not necessarily the same thing. Many police organizations in the world have laws banning the use of cell phones when driving. This does not make the cell phone itself illegal, only using it while you are driving. The same goes for fire arms. The government has made laws banning carrying weapons in certain public places. Does this make the weapon itself illegal? No, it does not.


The same thing applies to this post. Or am I just thinking with too much specificity here? I do tend to see things pretty black and white.


Anyway, moving on. This was a screen shot I took prior to the post disappearing because I had an inkling that this guy was going to trigger out on me and I always screen shot these things just in case. Unfortunately I did not expand my last comment, the one the antagonist claims I never posted. Well, you can see the beginning of it anyway so I did in fact respond to him. But unbeknownst to me at the time, he apparently never saw it and I was assuming he had. 


In this response I covered everything I just said above about the EEOC, NAACP, Obama, etc. I also reiterated that they are not trying to make the FLAG illegal and explained just like above what I mean by that. Basically what I said the first time with more words. But since he claims to have never read it and the post is gone, it is what it is.


 I really wish I had expanded that comment, oh well, nothing to do about it now.


I do need to mention here though that as the antagonist mentions later, I did ban him from my page because I don't like abusive people. If he will talk to me like this he will talk to other people like this. I take protecting my followers from these kinds of people seriously and I have banned several people for the same thing in the past. 


However, I unbanned him before writing my last response. I thought what the hell. Maybe he is just having a bad day so I will try to explain myself one more time. Now I regret doing so and you will see why.


So after posting this reply I went on about my business and never saw a notification for a reply on it so basically I just forgot about it.


Now I bet you guys are saying to yourselves... that was not much of a meltdown.


Well, that came later that night out of the blue in my inbox. 


Lets just dive right in. Sorry about the size, might have to use that zoom button. This is as big as my editor will let me make it.


Now at this point I was under the impression that he had read my last response and honestly, this pissed me off more than his original post. Now it was at this point that I began looking for the meme post to bring up my response and to also ban him again because I needed one of his replies to do so. I do not know any other way to ban not block people than to use a reply. 


I don't have people like this on my page. Be respectful or your gone, its  in the rules of the FB group I have and the same applies to my main page. Calling people names and being belligerent will get you banned from my page and group, its that simple.


As you can see though he has a different take on that. Again, there was a degree of misunderstanding here but its really irrelevant in the big picture.


Obviously my banning him was a second trigger that upset him so bad that he never even realized that I had also unbanned him, otherwise he would not be talking to me.


At this point I knew that this person was in the middle of a crisis, he was about to go full blown triggered on me and he did not disappoint! 


Remember now, at this point I am just trying to get rid of him, I do not have to put up with peoples abuse on my page.





So as you can see I decided at this point that I should report this person for abusive and bullying behavior. Both of which I felt he was exhibiting.


I love the part where he calls me a liberal. Definitely does not know me at all. That was a good laugh.


There was another moment for me here as well. I realized that this guy was exhibiting the markers for possibly entering a state of psychosis. This made my ears perk up because I am fascinated by human behavior and this was a great opportunity to observe and document an incident in real time.


I saw it as a great learning opportunity so I decided to let it run its course, maybe even prod it along a little if need be until I find the post and can ban him again.


Lets continue.




He posted a bunch of screenshots here that just cover what has already been shown. Most of them are just posts but he shows a screen shot on I am assuming his page where he continues to rant about schooling me and stuff.


In-between the screen shots.


This is a screen shot of what he claims to have posted about all of this.