Ilhan Omar Shows True Colors... No Friend To LGBTQ community.

August 23, 2019




We have seen from the Democratic party that any and all efforts to block, hinder, stall, or otherwise interfere with the LGBTQ community, is basically grounds for the leftist mob to publically condemn, and mercilessly harass those they deem as offenders.


They are labeled homophobes, transphobes and any other "phobe" they can invent while immediately setting about assassinating that persons character in the court of public opinion.


We have witnessed this happen in real time more than once.


So this writer finds it interesting that there has been zero backlash and attacks from the left or the LGBTQ community itself when Rep. Ilhan Omar (D) Minnesota failed to condemn the Palestinian Authority when it recently banned LGBTQ activists from the West Bank.


At least that is what we would assume would happen anyway. We would be wrong though even though Rep. Omar's actions would qualify her as a homophobic bigot.


The news came on Saturday in an article from the Jerusalem Post (Broken Link Fixed 8/23/19) explaining that Al-Qaws for Sexual & Gender Diversity in Palestinian Society planned to gather in Nablus at the end of August. Not only did the Palestinian Authority (The PA) ban them from doing so they promised to chase down, arrest and prosecute anyone responsible for these meetings.



Explaining the decision to ban the LGBTQ group from operating in PA-controlled areas, Luay Zreikat, spokesperson for the PA Police, said that such activities are “harmful to the higher values and ideals of Palestinian society.”


Zreikat said that the group’s activities were completely “unrelated to religions and Palestinian traditions and customs, especially in the city of Nablus.”

He accused unnamed “dubious parties” of working to “create discord and harm civic peace in Palestinian society.”


The PA police will chase those behind the LGBTQ group and see to it that they are brought to trial once they are arrested, Zreikat warned. He further appealed to Palestinians to report to the police about any person connected to the group.


I can understand where this type of thing puts Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib as well for that matter right square in the middle of a moral dilemma.


After all Islam (Sharia Law) does not exactly look favorably upon the LGBTQ community. Many people immediately say that this is a lie so don't take my word for it. You can hear it straight from the horses mouth HERE. 


So Ilhan Omar is left with the choice of bringing down the wrath (persecution) of the leftist mob or adhering to the tenets of her religion. Tough choice but lucky for her she has an out. Its called Taqiya. The following video explains.



 I am not going to turn this into an article on Islam so suffice it to say that Ilhan Omar can say whatever she feels she needs to even if it is a lie. Which is what I believe she exercised here by basically doing a Texas two step around the issue by misdirection.


It all started with a Twitter post by Robby Starbuck responding to another post about the Palestinian Authorities ban. He calls out Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and AOC to condemn the PA's actions. I mean come on, do you get any more homophobic and transphobic, something they have all shown great outrage over in the past?


  Not even close. 


 This woman hates Israel so much that her first reaction to Palestine being criticized is to try and throw attention onto Israel and her perceived violations of the Palestinian peoples rights. No mention of the LGBTQ activists being banned by a bigoted government at all. 


In what seems an attempt to cover her own ass and appear "woke" or an afterthought, she fires off another Tweet.



 Pretty slick there Rep. Omar. No one tried to equate this with anything except you. The one thing she does NOT do is say "I condemn the bigoted actions of the Palestinian Authority towards the people of the LGBTQ community."


In fact she makes no more mention of the situation at all, not even a "hey, I support you and the PA is wrong to do this to you." Nothing.


She just moves right back into attacking Israel who by the way is very open and tolerant towards the LGBTQ community while the Palestinian Authority is not. Neither is Islam, Omar's religion for that matter.


Those in the LGBTQ community should take note of this and be very wary of Rep. Ilhan Omar.


Despite her honeyed words to your faces she just sided with an anti LGBTQ government behind your back by refusing to condemn their actions towards your community.




Their words mean nothing if their actions so easily throw them to the wind.

                                                                                       ~ The Ugly Truth Project



Other Sources:


Verses from Quran and Hadith on Homosexuality


Cover image Source:
















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